Nerds of the Round Table

For all things good and nerdy

About This Site

The Nerds of the Round Table was designed with the intent of providing a place for a wide variety of topics to be discussed.  As we grow, we will be adding more writers that will help change the flavor of the site.  Right now we have  a strong focus on movies, TV, and Comics.  But this is graudally shifting as we have new writers that will begin providing content.  We are expanding to include some weekly editorials on computer issues and computer news.

There are plans in the work for the site to expand and being talking a little bit about indie music.  Thats not my focus so I’m not as well informed as to the way ahead.  Keep your eyes peeled to see the changes we are slowly enacting.  And as always if you’re interested in becoming part of the staff leave a comment on the site stating so, or hit us up on Twitter.  Thanks for reading folks!

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