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The Legacy of Jobs Being a Square

Steve Jobs had a sense of humor.  And if you have an iPhone, you look at it every day.  Ever wonder about the design of the home button?  It is a recessed circle with a square icon on it…

One of my favorite notions that he expressed is that people do not know what they really need until it is shown to them.  He meant to say that sometimes we work with a deficiency or handicap we don’t even realize until it is pointed out to us.  Out of habit, we can get used to compensating for a shortcoming in our position.  Or overcoming a hole in our lives never really seeing it is there…

Steve also believe that his products didn’t have to do everything.  As a matter of fact, he insisted that they should not do everything.  When they do something, they should do it simply and completely.  So rather than stretch his products to cover all possible options, he built a very solid square product…

So in honor of these two philosophies, Steve left a reminder in the design of the iPhone.  Every time you look at it, just remember that Steve solution is to put a square peg in a round hole.

And if you buy that I'll throw the Golden Gate in free.

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