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E3: Halo 4 Trailers

I make no secret that I am a Halo fanboy.  So when I heard that Microsoft was going to be showing both a new trailer and gameplay footage at E3 I was damn excited.  Let’s take a look at the trailers and then I’ll give some opinions.

First, it seems as though its only been 4 years since the end of Halo 4, and now humanity is trying to go the route of peaceful exploration.  But something will draw the human vessel across the galaxy to where the Master Chief is currently in hibernation.

Despite the end of the war, the Chief is still fighting Covenant.  I wonder if he is unaware that the war has ended?  But the big shocker is the new enemies.  Either they are Forerunners or descendants of the Forerunners.  Regardless they look fairly freaky and have some powerful weapons.

I for one cannot wait for Halo 4.  Luckily we only have to wait until November!

Take Back The Earth In Mass Effect 3

Update: BioWare has released the extended cut of the trailer.  Its even better!

During The Walking Dead there was a new commercial released for Mass Effect 3.  I will say this much, it proves that Commander Shepard is a certifiable badass.

Mass Effect 3 Voice Cast

BioWare has been releasing some pretty cool video documentaries leading up to the release of Mass Effect 3.  The latest video features the voice cast of the upcoming game.  Is anyone else as surprised as I am that they got so many Hollywood names to participate in the game?  Check out the video below, it seems to be spoiler free to me.



Pwn Stars

If you watch the History Channel, you’ve probably seen one of the many reruns of Pawn Stars that they show all the time.  Its a fun show, but they really do lowball people on some of their offers.  When you do a videogame spoof then it makes the deal making even funnier… especially with Link trying to trade in his Triforce.

One quick note for you all.  I’m going to be having my wisdom teeth removed and as such not online as much.  Updates are probably going to be sporadic for a few days.

Batman The Animated Series Done Arkham Style

A creative YouTube video maker has created a video remaking the opening credits for Batman The Animated Series using footage from Batman Arkham Asylum/City.  It looks really good.

Batman: Arkham City Figures

DC Direct released some pretty awesome looking action figures to tie in with the game Batman Arkham Asylum, and it looks like they will be doing the same with the upcoming sequel Batman Arkham City.  Just like last time, these figures look really good.  I’ve taken to hanging action figures on the wall in my home office to add an extra nerdy flair, and I think I’ll be adding at least one of these figures to my wall.

From left to right you have Harley Quinn as she appears in the game, Bruce Wayne as Batman unmasked, and Tim Drake in his in-game version of the Robin costume.  All three figures look great, but I think I’ll be looking to add the Bruce Wayne figure to my collection.  The fact that he’s holding one of the Bat-gadgets just makes the figure look even cooler.  Anyone else looking at getting some of these figures?

Robin’s Arkham City Costumes

The developers of Batman Arkham City have already unveiled the multiple Batman costumes that will be available to players, but now its time to show what options there will be for Robin.  Robin is a playable character for challenge maps and will be available on launch day to those that pre-order Batman Arkham City from Best Buy.  That’s where I pre-ordered because I wanted to have the playable Robin now instead of paying for it as DLC 6 months from now.

From left to right you have Red Robin, Arkham City Robin, and Robin from Batman The Animated Series (TAS).  Personally I think the Red Robin costume looks the best.  There’s something just creepy about TAS Robin that doesn’t seem to fit in with the look of Batman Arkham City.  As of right now I have no clue if these skins will be available on day 1 or if they will need unlocked by beating certain challenge maps.  However, I do know that I will be using Robin as a playable character on launch day.

Batman: Arkham City Batman Skins

I was a big fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum when it was released a couple of years ago.  It goes without saying that I’ve been becoming steadily more excited about the pending release of Batman: Arkham City.  The game is set to release on October 18 in the US and pre-orders are being accepted now.  I just put in my pre-order the other day.

It seems that many vendors are offering pre-order bonuses for games nowadays.  For example in the US Best Buy is giving folks who pre-order a code for Robin as DLC character in Batman: Arkham City.  To be honest, that’s why I pre-ordered from Best Buy; I wanted to have Robin as a playable character.  Other stores are providing DLC codes with pre-orders that allow for players to have unique skins that can be used within the game.

Until recently the custom skins for Arkham City had not been released.  But, our friends in the UK have gotten the scoop on the Batman skins available in the new game.  This also includes the specific stores and their exclusive game skin.

Pictured above are the unique in-game skins available in Batman: Arkham City.  From left to right we have costumes from: Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Earth One, 1970’s Neal Adams batman, Batman The Animated Series, and finally the costume from Arkham City.  If I had to choose one of those pre-order bonuses I’d be going with Batman Beyond.  But then again I am a huge fan of Batman Beyond.  Keep your eyes peeled to see which Batman costumes are unique to which stores in the US.  That hasn’t been announced yet!

I wouldn’t worry too much if you are interested in more than one of these costumes.  Since it is all DLC I’m sure they will make it available for download within a year.

Mass Effect 3 E3 Trailer

It’s no secret that I am a fan of BioWare’s Mass Effect trilogy.  As many times as I’ve played Mass Effect 2 it would be safe to say my addiction to BioWare RPGs remains firmly in place.  BioWare and Microsoft made it a point to showcase the game at E3 this year and while there was a lot of news that came out, it’s overshadowed by the trailer.  The trailer showcases the Reapers attack on Earth as well as the more refined combat that has been introduced in the 3rd game of the trilogy.  Also, Shepard gets some pretty badass energy blades.

Very good trailer, it looks like it’s designed to try to bring some shooter fans in as well.  And I have no problem with that.  March 6, 2012 cannot get here soon enough for me to play this game.

I’m planning on putting together a more comprehensive listing of Mass Effect news from E3 but until then I did want to provide a link to an article by IGN.  The author was lucky enough to receive a chance to play a demo Mass Effect 3.  Their reaction just continues to prove that BioWare gets it.  By that I mean they know that an overarching in-depth story that gets you invested in characters and situations can really resonate with you.  There are some minor spoilers for the beginning of the game, but I encourage you to read Mass Effect 3 Made Me Cry: And you would have too on IGN.

Update: Just saw that BioWare has put together a live action trailer to tease Mass Effect 3. It reminds me a lot of the live action Halo trailers that were released for Halo 3.  That being said, its pretty cool to see a live action husk.

Microsoft Announces Halo 4

Yes, you read that right.  Today at Microsoft’s Keynote address at E3 they took that chance to announce a new trilogy coming to the Xbox 360.  Microsoft then proceeded to show a preview that formally announced Halo 4!  I’ve got very little news right now, but it seems as though they are targeting a Holiday 2012 release date.  The only thing to be wary of, is that it looks like Bungie is not at the helm for this.  Check out the trailer below from Microsoft’s E3 keynote address.