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Chuck Vs The Solo Mission

Just continuing the trend and sharing the promo for tonight’s Chuck.  This is your friendly reminder to watch!  Looks like it could be good with Chuck going off on a solo mission.  Seeing as he might have to be the permanent replacement for Casey hopefully things go well.  Tune in tonight to find out!

A Friendly Chuck Reminder

Just a reminder that Chuck is in fact new this week.  It looks to be a good one too, as Casey seems to be on the outs from the rest of Team Chuck.  If you don’t remember whats coming up, we’ve got the preview below.

Chuck Is Back Tomorrow

Just wanted to take this moment and remind everyone that Chuck will be showing on NBC tomorrow.  Now that the Olympics are over Chuck is back and I have a feeling the next few episodes are going to be really good.  Tomorrow’s episode is called Chuck Versus the Fake Name.  For those of you who have forgotten where we left off, here’s a preview of tomorrow’s episode.

Chuck promises to cook dinner for Ellie, Devon and Hannah, but must first complete a mission that involves him impersonating the world’s most dangerous assassin. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to keep her relationship with Shaw strictly professional.

I know it’s not much detail, but it’s still enough for me to watch.  And just in case you missed it, be sure to check out the latest promo for the 2nd half of the season.

Chuck Update

A quick update for all the Chuck fans out there.  I was checking my twitter and saw some re-tweets that came originally from JoshSchwartz76 with a YouTube link inside.  Whether this is the real Josh Schwartz I don’t know, because the account hadn’t been verified.  However, the video is really good that he linked too.  The video is below so take a look.

I have to admit I find the spoof of the Superman opening credits quite funny, especially since Brandon Routh, Superman himself, is one of the big guest stars this season.  No big plot points were given away, but in typical Chuck fashion it looks like fun, especially the return of Jeffster!  To those shippers that might be freaking out over the current direction the shows star-crossed leads are going, I’m sure you enjoyed the last few seconds of this trailer.  Personally I choose to enjoy the show.  I’m watching Chuck because its fun not because I desperately want Chuck and Sarah to live happily ever after.  The romance angle is a nice sub-plot but that’s about it in my mind.  Shippers, feel free to flame away in the comments, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!


Below is the current USTREAM Update for the Nerds of the Round Table.

Chuck Vs. Operation Awesome

Big TV night tonight.  Both Chuck and 24 are on so my DVR will be getting a work out.  Check out the preview for this week’s Chuck below.

Chuck’s Dad is Coming Back

You read that right, Scott Bakula has signed on to reprise his role as Chuck’s father Steve on the hit show.  If you remember the end of season 2 we found out that Steve Bartowski was the developer of the original Intersect 1.0 and eventually 2.0 .  Also, he had an early version of the Intersect loaded in his head as well.

Not a lot has hit the web about this guest star bit, we’re not even sure how many episodes that Bakula will be guest starring in.  However, Chuck executive producer Josh Schwartz calls Bakula’s comeback arc  “the biggest thing we’ve ever done on the show.”

I don’t know about you all, but that enough to get me excited.  Season 3 of Chuck has been fantastic so far and it looks like the writers and producers are going to keep delivering a fun show.

Via: EW

Are You Watching Chuck Tomorrow?

Simple enough guys, are you going to be watching the Chuck season premiere?  I will!

Chuck Comes Back Sunday

You’ve heard my ramble enough about why I love the show Chuck.  The important thing to realize now is that Chuck is back on Sunday.  The 2 hour premier is on, and it looks like it will be fantastic.  If you’re a fan make sure you watch, if you haven’t seen Chuck check out some of the clips on the web or watch the first couple seasons.  If you enjoy geeky/nerdy humor you’re sure to enjoy the humor of this show.  Plus it has Adam Baldwin in it!  How can that be bad?

io9 gave a great synopsis I want to share about season 3 so far.

In episode four of the new season, someone gets fired, and someone else gets promoted. There’s a Fight Club homage, and someone says “Honey, I decapitated the bear.” And a spy gets shot. In episode five, Chuck’s first solo mission involves a scary bald man and Kristin Kreuk. Someone at the Buy More gets drugged. A diamond holds the key to Shaw (Brandon Routh)’s backstory. And there’s a “Paris twist!”.

To get you all excited about season 3 of Chuck we’ve included some of the promos for the upcoming season below.  I dare you to watch these and say you don’t want to watch the 3rd season.

Here’s a preview from the 2 hour premiere.  Gotta love the disguise!

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Ustream Update

Trying to keep doing this Ustream thing.  I took a couple minutes tonight to talk about the return of Chuck and Avatar.  The video is below.