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True Blood Season 3 Preview

Just saw this and had to share!

True Blood Season Finale Synopsis (Spoiler Alert)


To continue our True Blood coverage today we’re bringing you the synopsis that HBO put out for the episode.  If you want to remain blissfully spoiler free we’ll put the synopsis after the jump.  To those of you brave enough jump ahead to check it out and get a couple theories from us on what might happen.

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True Blood 2×12 Beyond Here Lies Nothin Pictures

I hate to break it to any of you True Blood haters out there, but Friday is True Blood day here at the Round Table.  I for one am really excited about the season finale coming up on Sunday.  To celebrate we’re going to dedicate today to True Blood information.

HBO has released a bunch of pictures from the finale.  Below we’ve included the photo gallery for the images from the season finale.  Nothing real earth shattering here, but enough to maybe make a couple guesses as to what might happen.  Stay tuned for later today as we’ll talk more about the finale.

True Blood Season Finale Trailer

HBO has put together a pretty good trailer for the season finale of True Blood on Sunday.  Looks to be mostly recap, but cool nonetheless.

True Blood – Beyond Here Lies Nothing Promo

Well folks, only one new episode of True Blood left in this season.  We have to wait two weeks to get it though, so it sounds like its going to be a long two weeks.  If anyone missed the promo for next week’s episode here’s the first look I could find on YouTube.  Enjoy!

True Blood 2×11 Pictures

Some pictures for today’s episode of True Blood have hit the web.  I’ve been slow getting them out, but I wanted to post them so that you all could take a look.

Seems like things could get interesting now that Bill has gone to meet a vampire Queen.  Especially interesting since it looks like they are laying out near a ‘sunny’ poolside.  I’m sure its simulated, but it makes a cool effect.  Anyway, the pictures are below.

The Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows Of All Time

The guys over at io9 put together some great articles.  I generally try to stay on top of their new posts.  Then I saw this recent one, listing the 100 greatest SciFi and Fantasy shows and had to take a read.  For the most part I can agree with their choices, but personally, I think Dr. Who is too high up on the list.  Then again I’ve only seen 1-2 episodes so  I’m probably not the best person to give their opinion on the subject.

Anyway, I encourage you all to check out the top 100 list and chime in on their debate.  I’m pleased with where the modern BSG ended up, but personally I’d have probably put it a little higher, but of course I’m biased.

Click the pic to read io9's article

Click the pic to read io9's article

True Blood Breaks Another Record


True Blood has broken its viewer rating records again.  Prior to last Sunday’s episode, S2x10 ‘New World in My View’, the series had enjoyed record viewer numbers at a rise of roughly 100,000 per week consistently for a few weeks.  This time around the number has jumped by roughly 800,000.  Last week the record was 4.5 million viewers, now that has jumped to a record 5.33 million viewers!

Congrats to everyone involved in True Blood.  That’s an amazing jump and hopefully it keeps up.  I fully admit I was a latecomer to True Blood, having only started watching after buying the Blu-ray boxset.  But I’ve been hooked since the first episode.  You know it must be good if it makes a cheap skate like me pay for HBO!

By the way, I just wanted to include the movtivational poster above just for fun.  I found it on deviantart at one point, and if I find the source I will provide a link.  If anyone online knows the source please put it in the comments.

True Blood Promo: 2×11 Frenzy


So in the past two days I’ve got up on 5 episodes worth of True Blood.  My being behind is why there was quite the lack of True Blood coverage the past month or so.  After getting caught up, all I can say is wow, I wish I had never fallen behind to begin with.  We’ll have a better True Blood post this week, but until then here’s the promo for next week’s episode to tide you over!

A True Blood Wedding

Congratulations to True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on getting engaged.  The two are probably better known for their roles as telepathic Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton on HBO’s hit show True Blood.

The couple met during auditions for the show and have been dating ever since. The two went public with their relationship in February after months of speculation.  Moyer, 39, said he and Paquin, 27, didn’t want to take “anything away from the show.”