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Avengers Assembled

Say what you want about Marvel, but they sure know how to promote their movies and get fans excited.  This week at Comic Con Marvel released individual posters of each Avenger, and when placed together they make one large banner.  The Hulk was the last Avenger to appear in this format, but he completes a pretty awesome banner that the folks at Super Hero Hype have been kind of enough to piece together.  It blows up so click on it for a full screen look.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve noticed about the Avengers in this new poster.

  1. Iron Man has gone back to the round arc reactor.  We know that The Avengers takes place after Iron Man 2 so what causes Tony to go back to the old tech that was gradually killing him?  And strangely enough in the teaser trailer it looked like he still had the triangular reactor.  So when does the switch take place?
  2. Black Widow has changed her look some.  Now the costume looks to be leather-like and she is sporting shorter hair.  Not a major change, but a change nonetheless.
  3. The Hulk looks old school.  By that I mean he has the exaggerated facial features and large brow that was distinctive in early comics.  It looks good but its a little jarring to have Hulk look different in each movie he’s appeared in.  Hopefully they are able to stick to this look.
  4. Cap’s new costume is pretty streamlined.  You can see the difference between the World War II era and modern era costumes.  The new costume and streamlined and armored looking.  The wings on the helmet look a little odd though.
  5. Thor’s costume hasn’t changed in the artwork.  However, in the teaser trailer he is sporting the short sleeves without the chainmail.
  6. Hawkeye’s costume is straight out of the Ultimates comics.  If you look at the costumes side-by-side they are the same aside from the sunglasses worn in the comics.  I like this look and it translates to the big screen much better than the traditional 616-style costume.
  7. As for Nick Fury, he’s still pretty badass but that might be because he’s modeled after and played by Samuel L. Jackson.  The really cool thing to see is the SHIELD Helicarrier.  It looks awesome, and its safe to bet that we will be seeing it in the Avengers.
Kudos to Marvel for putting together this awesome artwork.  Between the art and the teaser at the end of the Captain America movie this has been a big week for news on the Avengers.  Only a year away now!

Patrick Stewart at DragonCon


Patrick Stewart was one of the guests at DragonCon this year and he hosted a Q&A session that was quite revealing on a number of topics.  I’ve been a fan of Patrick Stewart since his Star Trek days so needless to say I found a lot of this fascinating.

Due to his casting as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek The Next Generation Stewart fielded a good deal of questions about the show.  He also answered questions about the franchise in general including some of the actors.  When asked Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, Stewart talked about how much he respected Nimoy.  As for Shatner, he paused and said, “He’s a piece of work, isn’t he?”  Personally I find this quite entertaining.  Seems as though the two most iconic Captains of the Enterprise might not get along so well.

Stewart thought that this summer’s reboot of Star Trek was “terrific,” but he didn’t see a future for Jean-Luc Picard in the new franchise.  However,he did leave open only the possibility that he would agree to do a cameo in a sequel.  Stewart was quoted as saying “I feel that I have left behind a legacy as Picard.  In my head and heart, I’ve moved on.”  Looks like thats the end of the line for Captain Picard.

Stewart didn’t limit himself to talking about only one franchise he was involved in.  Some of the talk centered around Stewart’s possible involvement in future X-Men films.  When the discussion turned to X-Men, Stewart, who had a cameo as a younger Professor Charles Xavier in this summers X-Men Origins: Wolverine, said that from what he had heard, we  have probably not seen the last of Professor Xavier.  He mentioned he recently co-starred in a production of “Waiting for Godot” with Ian McKellen and the two agreed that they would like continue exploring the relationship between Xavier and Magneto.

SDCC: Iron Man 2 Footage

Well, folks it seems as though the Iron Man 2 footage from Comic Con has hit the web.  Don’t be surprised if it goes away soon, but here’s an embedded copy below.  Check it out before its gone!

If the movie is dead use this search to try and find it on YouTube.  Lots of people are uploading.

SDCC: Smallville Trailer

Okay, so I lied.  We have one last little bit from the San Diego Comic Con and after seeing it you can probably forgive my unintentional lie.  It seems that now some of the footage of the Smallville trailer has hit the web.  I caution you, the quality is fairly bad but at the very least you can sorta see Clark’s pre-Supes costume.  Honestly, I think the most enjoyable part of the trailer is the screeching of the one fangirl really close by.   The first clip is the extended trailer, it gets really good at the end.  If it doesn’t work check out the other links they should be good for a bit longer.

If we find better footage, we’ll switch it out.

EDIT: Here’s some additional footage.

Just a heads up, the movie below is probably the one of the best quality.

SDCC: Battlestar Movies to Bring Back Bill Adama?

This is out last update on the San Diego Comic Con, and we’ve saved the best for last.  My favorite show Battlestar Galactica.


The Battlestar Galactica panel wasn’t as large as its been in the past. This year Ron Moore, David Eick, and Jane Espenson were in attendance on the prodcuer side.  Cast members like Esai Morales, Grace Park, and Edward James Olmos were in attendance also.  Just like at Wizard World Philly, a good deal of time was spent discussing the upcoming tv movie The Plan. We only have a few more months to wait before we get to see this one!

In regards to The Plan, writer Jane Espenson stated that it retells much of the BSG mythology from the Cylon point of view, strictly adhering to the canonical timeline and  still telling an entertaining, darkly humorous tale.  In a line similar to what he said at Wizard World Philly, Edward James Olmos had this to say about The Plan, “You will freak out.”  I’m fully intending too, and if even half the hype this film is getting lives up to what we recieve I’ll be happy.

The most important thing to come out of this panel was from Olmos himself.  He was quoted as saying, “I can guarantee you this will not be the last movie on Battlestar Galactica.”  Looks like we can expect to get more movies… but about what?  Luckily one of the fans at Comic Con had the same thoughts.  The fan wanted to know if Olmos had thought out about what had happened to Admiral Adama after the close of the series.  If you recall the series ended with Bill Adam sitting on a hilltop watching the sunset in front of him on new Earth.  Olmos said, “I’ve actually written an entire script already on exactly what happened to him.  Let me put it to you this way: When you next see Adama, he will be in a rustic log cabin, and there will be a knock on the door.  And it will be his old friend Col. Tigh saying, ‘We have a problem.’ And that’s how the journey begins.”  If we get this movie I can guarantee it will be good.  If there’s one thing the new Syfy channel needs its more Bill Adama.  Keep your fingers crossed folks… we might get some more BSG movies!

After the jump we’ve got the recorded video from Comic Con of the BSG panel if anyone is interested.

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SDCC: Chuck Panel

I do realize that we are a little slow in getting out Comic Con news published.  You all have my apologies for our delay in getting information out to you.  Today is the last day for Nerds of the Round Table’s coverage on Comic Con.  Now lets move onto the information we learned from the Chuck panel.

ChuckPosterAs a lot of you might now, NBC almost cut Chuck even after the season 2 finale cliffhanger that we received.  A lot of viral marketing by fans and petitions lead Subway in to save the day by becoming a big time sponsor of the show.  There’s rumors that due to their assistance in saving the show the Orange Orange will get turned into a Subway for next season and that Sarah’s cover job will be that of a ‘Subway sandwich artist.’  Hey I’m just glad Chuck got saved even if it is for only 13 episodes.  The tradeoff is that Chuck will only air while Heroes is on hiatus so we won’t have the Monday night powerblock of Chuck and Heroes anymore.

The panel began with Jeffster taking the stage and rocking out to Queen’s hit from the 70’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’.  By all accounts it was a lot of fun.  We’ve found some footage of it on YouTube that we’ll share after the jump.  We did get some good info on season 3 though.  The Buy More will be back again this season.  I’m guessing Chuck will end up working there again despite his having quit.  The other big news is that another family member of Chuck’s will be joining the spy business.  This season Awesome himself will be getting involved in all the spy drama.  After all he knows Chuck is a ‘spy’ now so thats one more asset that can be used.

As we saw at the end of season 3 Chuck now knows Kung Fu.  There is, however, a catch to all his new abilities.  Zachary Levi explained during the panel: “The ‘Chuck Fu’ and any other physical powers I may have, they have a window. They have a shelf life. There’s a glitch in the system. I flash and I have my physical powers, but they don’t necessarily live. That is the secret to ‘Chuck Fu’ and anything else.”  This could be a pretty good twist, it will keep it so that there are moments where Chuck will continue to be helpless or the Intersect will in fact hinder his mission.  Looks like Chuck isn’t a superspy yet.

I’m going to leave you my favorite part heard during the panel.  This one comes from Adam Baldwin:  “My inner monologue when I grunt is Joss Whedon, come on, we’re at Comic-Con. I gotta throw him a bone.”

If you’re interested after the jump is the video of Jeffster rocking out and some of the Q&A from the panel.

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24 Season 8: Jack is Back… and Happy?

24 poster

Yesterday we brought you a post showing the 24 preview that was shown  at Comic Con.  Well now there are a few details that are out and we’ll share them with you.  Let’s put it this way Season 8 of 24 looks like it’s going to be good.

Alot of you might have heard already, but season 8 of 24 is going to take place in New York City.  That should provide some spectacular locations for Jack to continue being a badass.  However, the real news is that the story in season 8 is a continuation of what was started in season 7.  Season 8 is set to take place somewhere around 8-9 months after Jack slipped into a coma after the season 7 finale.  During this season the story will revolve around a threat centered around a peace conference at the U.N. that is being headed by the President of the United States and the President of Iran.  Howard Gordon, one of the executive producers, stated that they’re going to capture the audience this season “with peace, with the possibility of peace,” to which Kiefer Sutherland joked, “Don’t be alarmed, we do still blow s–t up.”  Looks like we should be safe from an action standpoint this season.

This season should be interesting as Jack is still going to be dealing with his near-death experience from the previous season.  One of the executive producers, Manny Coto of Star Trek: Enterprise fame, was quoted as saying, “The season starts with Jack in a place we haven’t seen and that he is happy with his daughter and his granddaughter, and it’s really an interesting place because when you see those scenes in the beginning you realize, gosh, we haven’t seen this side of him for so long.  There’s always this dread when you’re watching it that this is not going to last and it makes those moments so much more poignant.”  Won’t it be strange to see a Jack Bauer that is happy on 24?  I don’t think we’ve seen that in the entire run of the series with a few minor exceptions.  Hopefully he can at least retain some happiness at the end of the season.

But don’t worry Jack’s not the only one returning from last season.  Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) and Chloe O’Brian (Mary-Lynn Rajskub) are slated to return this season too.  From the sound of things Chloe is no longer the computer lead of the new CTU.  Instead the new character Dana Walsh, played by Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica, will be Chloe’s boss.  I’m sure thats bound to cause some clashes between the two characters.  Walsh’s character is involved with the director of the new CTU, Cole Ortiz played by Freddie Prinze Jr.

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SDCC: Planet Hulk Trailer

The new trailer for the animated Planet Hulk debuted at the San Diego Comic Con during the Marvel Animation Panel.  The movie is based on Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk story collected in the Incredible Hulk issues 92-105.

Planet Hulk was a good story and can be summarized as:

In the 2006 crossover storyline Planet Hulk by writer Greg Pak, a secret group of superhero leaders, the Illuminati, consider the Hulk an unacceptable potential risk to Earth, and rocket him into space to live a peaceful existence on a planet uninhabited by intelligent life. After a trajectory malfunction, the Hulk crashes on the violent planet Sakaar. Weakened by his journey, he is captured and eventually becomes a gladiator who scars the face of Sakaar’s tyrannical emperor.

The Hulk becomes a rebel leader and later usurps Sakaar’s throne through combat with the red king and his armies. After Hulk’s rise to emperor, the vessel used to send Hulk to Sakaar explodes, killing millions in Sakaar’s capital, including his pregnant queen, Caiera, and the damage to the tectonic plates nearly destroys the planet.

The movie hits stores in Blu-ray and DVD sometime in February 2010.  But the real important question is, will this lead to a follow up movie based on the World War Hulk mini-series?  I surely hope so!  Until then check out the trailer below.

SDCC: True Blood Panel


As a lot of you probably know there were a ton of TV shows that had panels at the San Diego Comic Con.  A lot of the cast was there including True Blood creator Alan Ball.  One of the best things is they presented a trailer with details on the remainder of the season.  Before we get to that though, we’ll cover some of the panel highlights.

In the second half of the season the character of Maryanne finally reveals herself to be the horned monster that attacked Sookie earlier in the season.  There’s a glimpse of this in the trailer, and it looks pretty cool.  Also, it looks like there’s going to be one hell of a showdown between the vampires of the Fellowship of the Sun Church.  Where will Jason stand in all this, he’s starting to look fairly conflicted about the whole subject.  You’d think he would be considering his only sister is involved with a vampire.

To those familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, it was announced that 3 more books will be written with the first due out in May 2010.  This is important since this series is the source material of which True Blood is based on.  If you’re familiar with the books you know that a love triangle developes between Bill, Sookie and Eric.  Ball was asked if this would carry over to the show, and responsed with a simple “Yes.”  That’s all that was stated on the subject.

Finally it was announced that ‘actual’ Tru Blood would be made and sold starting September 10th.  In all seriousness it’s a blood red colored orange soda packaged in the same type bottles as shown on the show.  HBO is taking preorders now.

A Tasty Drink

A Tasty Drink

Finally, we’re going to leave you with the trailer.  It looks fantastic, but feel free to leave some comments with your thoughts!

SDCC: 24 Footage

Just a quick update before hitting the sack tonight.  I was cruising YouTube when I happened to come upon some season 8 footage of 24 that was shown at Comic Con.  Jack’s looking pretty healthy for a man who was on death’s door last season.  Hopefully they explain how he was able to recover so fully, I wasn’t counting on a 100% recovery.  Of course its Jack Bauer so I probably should have.

The footage is below, enjoy!