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An Update on the 24 Movie

Simply put, Kiefer Sutherland has said the 24 movie is still a go.  Sutherland was at the Television Critics Association winter tour presentation and asked about the oft-rumored movie and was able to give some new information to 24 fans.

First, Sutherland stated that the current plan was to begin filming “at the end of April, beginning of May.”  So starting soon there should be more 24 under production.  Sutherland gave further detail about the movie, specifically that the 24 movie will be “relatively a direct continuation. We’re talking maybe six months from the end of that episode.”  My advice would be to re-watch the last episode of 24 to refresh yourself as to how things ended.  From what I recall Jack had severed ties with CTU and was now a man on the run.

One of the biggest changes from the TV show is that the movie will not occur in real-time.  This isn’t really surprising since it would be impossible to cram a days worth of action into a roughly 2 hour timeframe.  But, the good news is that we will have one final send off for 24 and of course Jack Bauer.  I for one am looking forward to this movie.

The 24 Movie Moves Forward

The oft-rumored 24 movie continues to have some life left in it.  Ever since the hit Fox show left the airwaves it has been rumored that the story of Jack Bauer would continue on the big screens.  The series finale set things up perfectly for Jack’s tale to continue on the movie.

There have been multiple hiccups and details that have arisen that cast the fate of the 24 film in jeopardy.  Back in January it looked as though the film had entered a state of suspended animation.

But now there is some good news for Jack Bauer fans.  Well known Hollywood producer Brian Grazer tweeted that:

“Got off the phone Keifer yesterday and we are very excited about producing the 24 movie for next year,”

That’s just a little more hope that the movie is moving forward, having a big name producer should help things.  And if the information from Brian Grazer wasn’t enough to give you hope, this might be.  Kiefer Sutherland was on The View back in March and revealed that the 24 movie is currently slated for release in 2012.

There are now two different sources saying that a 24 movie is on its way.  I’m skeptical that it will ever happen but will try to keep hope alive that Jack Bauer will make it to the big screen.

Jack Bauer is Beaten

After the series finale of 24 many Jack Bauer fans were left with a cliffhanger.  What had happened to the hero, and would he be able to escape New York without being caught by the government he had served for many years.  A 24 movie was meant to showcase Jack’s life after the series had ended.

However, the long rumored 24 movie will not be making it to the big screen.  At least not yet.    Billy Ray, screenwriter for State of Play, submitted a script for a 24 movie to 20th Century Fox.  Sadly, the study did not approve the script and as such the plans for the movie are not going forward.  As stated on EW‘s site:

“As far as I know, it is in suspended animation,” Howard Gordon, the longtime executive producer of 24 who is also expected to produce the big screen version, told EW exclusively. ”There is talk about re-approaching it. I understand (director/producer) Tony Scott is meeting with Kiefer to talk about ideas. People are still talking about it.”

“I was disappointed [Fox] passed on the script but I’m certainly hopeful that the movie will get made at some point,” he said. “Anecdotally, I’ve heard from people who are really missing the show and I do think there is more life in Jack Bauer.”

I’m not really shocked by this news.  24s rating had tapered off near the end of its run.  I still enjoyed the show, but it was not near as good as I remembered the first couple seasons being.  I guess there really is so many times you can be surprised by Jack Bauer cheating death and saving the day.  I was also worried about how well 24 would translate to the big screen.  24 has always stuck with its gimmick of things occurring in real-time even during the TV movie.  I’m not sure how you would do a big screen conclusion of Jack’s story and keep  in realtime.  The movie would have to skip forward in time, and that just wouldn’t feel like 24.  There’s a part of me that hopes to see a resolution to Jack Bauer’s story, I just want to see it done right.  Hopefully we’ll get the chance to see that someday, and I hope Jack Bauer is still relevant in pop culture at that time.

Via: Entertainment Weekly

EDIT: Any chance to use this Jack Bauer picture just makes me smile.

Jack Bauer Might Get Season 9

Well, it seems the reports of 24’s demise might be off target.  There are a few news items that have hit the web.  The first rumor is that NBC might be interested in picking up the hit show if Fox passes on it.  That makes sense if you think about.  With Jay Leno taking Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show there are a lot of program openings at 10:00 every night.  24 is a proven drama that could fill one of those holes.

One of the executive producers/show runners of 24 was recently interviewed and the topic of 24’s possible renewal came up.  He said the following:

“Discussions are still being held; the book hasn’t been closed,” he said. “If there is ’24’ past Season 8,” he added, “I will be part of that,” though probably not as showrunner. He also said that star Kiefer Sutherland, who has no deal for the show beyond the current season, “is inclined to do another season if there is a good story.”

So what does this mean for the fan?  Its looking like there are some slim chances the show might come back.  The problem with 24 is that its hella expensive to make and rating are going down.  It’s still drawing in big numbers but it’s getting harder to offset the money that is spent making the show.  One of the criticisms of the show is that it’s getting predictable or they are recycling past ideas.  I also have to admit that the formula for 24 is getting predictable too, but what do you expect on the 8th season?  I’m just happy things are starting to look exciting again.

Personally, I think 24 will end this season and we’ll get the long rumored theatrical release that ties up all the loose ends with Jack Bauer hopefully getting his happy ending.

Jack Bauer Man-Crush: Key of Awesome #12

24 fans, you’re bound to like this clip.  I admit, I laughed quite a few times!

Jack Bauer Gets a Movie?

Jack Bauer might be showing up at our local movie theaters sometimes soon.  Movie insiders are passing along rumor that Fox is talking with Billy Ray, writer of State of Play, to write a movie screenplay for the hit TV franchise.  There are a couple factors as to whether this movie happens though.

  1. 24’s ratings – Ratings are down compared to last year.  However 24 is the 3rd most watched show behind American Idol and House.
  2. Renewal of 24 for season 9 – If the show is renewed a movie is less likely until the end of the series.

The script writers are currently writing episodes 23 and 24 of the show so a decision needs to be made soon.  Will they write a series finale with a possible tie-in to a movie or a season finale to start another adrenaline filled year of the Jack Bauer Power Hour.

24 Season 8 is Almost Here

If you’ve followed up before you know that I’m a big 24 fan.  I made it a point to include the San Diego Comic Con footage of 24 on the site.  Well we’re getting close to season 8 now, it premieres Jan. 17 on Fox.  To get everyone in the mood for more of the Jack Bauer Power Hour we bring you some of the new season 8 trailers.

24 Casting News

Some pretty interesting news for all you 24 fans out there.  David Anders, of Heroes and Alias fame, has joined the cast of 24 to be at the very least a recurring character.  He played the roles of Julian Sark in Alias and the immortal Adam Monroe in Heroes.  At the very least Anders has been quite entertaining in his roles as his characters have been able to portray equal parts creepiness and humor.

All we know so far is that he’ll be in a few episodes this season.  I’m hoping that his character catches on and his part gets expanded a good deal.  But then again, I’ve always enjoyed Anders as an actor.


Has Jack Bauer Been Beaten?


Believe it or not, its possible that may have happened.  And no, it wasn’t Chuck Norris that did the beating.  It’s hit the web that the producers at Fox are considering axing the hit show after this upcoming season.  The 8th season is the last contractual season of 24.  After that Fox can choose not to renew the hit show.
According to Fox executive Kevin Reilly,

“It’s going to come down to a business decision. It’s not an inexpensive show on the network books and we also want to finish strong. This is not a show we want to prop up… We haven’t made any decision whether it’s back or not.”

Keifer Sutherland has gone on record stating that he’d like there to be more seasons of 24, but considering he’s making about $550,000 an episode he’s far from a netural party.  Personally, I think that if this season is as strong as last season Fox will bring 24 back for at least one more year.  Season 7 was basically a rebirth of the show and it was really good.  I think that momentum can and will carry over to this season.  We’ll see what happens though.

If 24 does get canceled I can guarantee that rumors of a 24 movie will come back again.  Its been rumored off and on for a couple years but hasn’t been done mostly because making the TV show is incredibly time consuming.  If the show goes off the air everyone involved will have a lot of time for a movie.

24 Season 8: Jack is Back… and Happy?

24 poster

Yesterday we brought you a post showing the 24 preview that was shown  at Comic Con.  Well now there are a few details that are out and we’ll share them with you.  Let’s put it this way Season 8 of 24 looks like it’s going to be good.

Alot of you might have heard already, but season 8 of 24 is going to take place in New York City.  That should provide some spectacular locations for Jack to continue being a badass.  However, the real news is that the story in season 8 is a continuation of what was started in season 7.  Season 8 is set to take place somewhere around 8-9 months after Jack slipped into a coma after the season 7 finale.  During this season the story will revolve around a threat centered around a peace conference at the U.N. that is being headed by the President of the United States and the President of Iran.  Howard Gordon, one of the executive producers, stated that they’re going to capture the audience this season “with peace, with the possibility of peace,” to which Kiefer Sutherland joked, “Don’t be alarmed, we do still blow s–t up.”  Looks like we should be safe from an action standpoint this season.

This season should be interesting as Jack is still going to be dealing with his near-death experience from the previous season.  One of the executive producers, Manny Coto of Star Trek: Enterprise fame, was quoted as saying, “The season starts with Jack in a place we haven’t seen and that he is happy with his daughter and his granddaughter, and it’s really an interesting place because when you see those scenes in the beginning you realize, gosh, we haven’t seen this side of him for so long.  There’s always this dread when you’re watching it that this is not going to last and it makes those moments so much more poignant.”  Won’t it be strange to see a Jack Bauer that is happy on 24?  I don’t think we’ve seen that in the entire run of the series with a few minor exceptions.  Hopefully he can at least retain some happiness at the end of the season.

But don’t worry Jack’s not the only one returning from last season.  Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) and Chloe O’Brian (Mary-Lynn Rajskub) are slated to return this season too.  From the sound of things Chloe is no longer the computer lead of the new CTU.  Instead the new character Dana Walsh, played by Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica, will be Chloe’s boss.  I’m sure thats bound to cause some clashes between the two characters.  Walsh’s character is involved with the director of the new CTU, Cole Ortiz played by Freddie Prinze Jr.

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