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Round Table Series

We’re trying to start up a few things that will become series of posts here on the Round Table.  If you’ve been reading or playing catchup, you’ve probably noticed a few of them.  If not, we’ll go through the series we’re running on the Round Table on this page.

  1. The Man Series – These posts feature people or characters that have either been cool enough or badass enough to be qualified as ‘The Man.’  Past award winners include Deadpool and Patrick Stewart.  This is going to be a monthly series.
  2. Rants – This is a venue for our posters to just go off on a topic.  Generally its an opinion piece of fairly good length.  Some past rants include my horror over the creation of a Twilight comic and the absolute shredding of another BSG remake.
  3. Video Updates – We are starting to do sporadic video updates on Ustream.  We have also started copying the Ustream recordings over to YouTube.  They can be viewed on our YouTube site.
  4. Eat Crow – This series has yet to debut.  Its first post should be up later this week.  The intent of the Eat Crow series is to call either myself of someone else out for shooting off at the hip.  This series will call people out on their earlier statements.  I know I’m guilty.

Right now those are the three series we’re running.  Look for these kind of posts happen on occasion.  Hopefully each series will have a new post monthly, but depending on the situation there could be numerous additions each month.

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