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Iron Man 2 International Spots

There are a lot of Iron Man TV spots hitting the airwaves, and some of the good ones are overseas.  Check these ones out below!  Any promo that includes AC/DC is an automatic winner for me.

New Iron Man 2 Poster

There is an exclusive Black Widow poster available at Wonder Con this weekend.  If any of you are in the San Francisco area drop by booth 242 to pick up a copy of the  poster shown below.  And if they have extra, get one for me!

Via: Super Hero Hype

More Iron Man 2 Goodness

They are really advertising the hell out of this movie, and I love it.  Last night at Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards there was another 30 second preview for Iron Man 2.  Its embedded below.  One minor nit-pick, the Black Widow does not sound Russian at all.

Iron Man 2 Movie Poster

There’s another new Iron Man 2 movie poster that has been released.  I figure we have to be near the end of these new posters, but I wanted to share this one.  From what I’ve read this is another international poster.  But, the most important piece is that it looks like the Black Widow has a SHIELD logo on her left shoulder.  Anyone else notice that?

Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart

Those of you that have been following the site probably realize that I am a big fan of the Iron Man movies and comics.  Personally I think that the first Iron Man movie is the second best superhero movie that has been made.  That puts it firmly behind The Dark Knight.

Shortly after the movie released Kotobukiya released a 1/6 scale Mark III armor statue that I had to have.  Currently it sits in a place of honor on my fireplace.  Well a few months back I was looking through my Previews and saw that a 1:1 replica of Tony Stark’s arc reactor heart was being released.  This is modeled after the first reactor implanted in Stark’s chest.  This reactor is the one Pepper Potts had put in a decorative case and that eventually saved Stark’s life at the end of the movie.

Arc Reactor V 1.0

Like I said, I had to have to prop and it came in late last week.  And wow, is it awesome once its out of the box, despite the hefty $150.00 price tag.  The official description for the prop is shown below and courtesy of Entertainment Earth:

Proof that Tony Stark has a heart! Perhaps the most iconic prop from the smash-hit movie Iron Man, no expense was spared in replicating the details exactly. From the machined metal parts and copper wire to the high-intensity LEDs, you’ll own the definitive prop from this storied franchise and Marvel hero. Based directly on the actual movie prop and with reference from Stan Winston Studios, the Arc Unit measures about 4 1/2-inches in diameter and is made from machined aluminum, stainless steel, and custom-molded plastic. It’s removable from the stand and includes a Plexiglas display case and full-color certificate of authenticity. Bring home Tony’s “heart,” as given to him by his thoughtful assistant Pepper Potts! Requires 4x “AA” batteries (not included) with a cool-burn time of approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Once the lights were turned on, this replica looked awesome.  I have included some photos I took of the finished product below.  It really is cool.  And if you look close, you’ll see my Kotobukiya Mark III statue setup next to the arc reactor.  No need to tell me, I do realize I’m a nerd!

Newest Iron Man 2 Trailer

Last night after the Academy Awards, Robert Downey Jr. went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to show off the newest Iron Man 2 trailer.  And holy crap is it amazing or what?

Still doesn’t give away a large part of the plot, but there’s some amazing scenes to see.  This includes Stark’s Iron Man armor that deploys from a suitcase just like from the comics and cartoon.

In this second trailer we see Whiplash meeting Justin Hammer for the first time and eventually developing more of his robotic weapons.  And we get to see some of the Black Widow actually doing some fighting.  Finally, and quite possibly best of all some more clips from what looks to be the Iron Man and War Machine face off.  My favorite part of the trailer is the Stark and Nick Fury interaction.  I won’t give anything away, but when you see that clip you’ll laugh.  Basically, this trailer is great, and Jon Favreau looks to have made another good Iron Man movie.  The trailer is viewable and downloadable off of Apple’s site and I’ve embedded a HD copy of the trailer below.  Just remember this is trailer #2 if you look it up on your own.

New Iron Man 2 Clip

New Iron Man 2 footage has hit the web and I’ve got a link to share with you guys.  The site is French and there are English subtitles so everything is understandable.  Check out the new clip here.

This biggest takeaway is that it looks like Tony will have a confrontation with Whiplash in Monaco but after the scene in which Stark’s race car is destroyed.  Don’t believe it?  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Iron Man 2: The Game

As we get closer to the release of Iron Man 2 I expect we’ll see more trailers and ads for games and toys.  Sega has released a new trailer for the next Iron Man game and its looking like War Machine might be a playable character.  The trailer is below if you want to look for yourself.

Avengers Assemble

I’d forgotten about this poster that was released late 2009.  It’s just further proof that Marvel is unifying all their films in one universe now.

Possible Tony Stark Cameo in Thor?

I don’t know if anyone watched the Golden Globe Awards last week, but if you did you may have noticed something interesting about Robert Downey Jr.  He’s grown out the Tony Stark goatee again so it’s a logical jump to think that he’s filming more as Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr. at the Golden Globes

There’s two possible reasons he’s brought back the Stark look.  First, he could be doing some reshoots for Iron Man 2.  This seems the most likely, but Paramount is denying that any Iron Man 2 reshoots are taking place.

The second possible alternative is that there is a Tony Stark cameo in the Thor film.  Thor is about to begin filming, so this lines up perfectly for RDJ to have his Stark look back in time for the cameo scene.  I’d say its likely, especially since we got a Tony Stark cameo in The Incredible Hulk.   If Stark cameos in Thor its continuing the trend of linking all the new Marvel films together, and personally I think thats great.