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Avengers vs X-Men #1 Revealed

Well folks, after a brief recuperation from getting my wisdom teeth removed I’m back with more news from the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men.  Tomorrow, I plan to continue the Fanboy Analysis detailing who would win in each superhero match-up.  There are a lot of promos I missed out on while I was out of commission.

Today, Marvel unveiled the cover for the first issue of Avengers vs. X-Men.  Getting Jim Cheung to draw the cover is just brilliant in my opinion.  I’ve loved his work on Young Avengers and seeing him drawing nearly all the heroes of the Marvel Universe is a treat.

I will fully admit there was one part of this cover that surprised me.  I thought that Marvel would sweep the event of Schism under the rug and have Wolverine side with the X-Men instead of the X-Men.  Looks like I was wrong as Wolverine is predominantly featured on the Avengers side.  It’s also interesting to note that Thor is featured on the cover as well.  Looks like he will be brought back to the Marvel Universe fairly quickly after falling in Fear Itself.

Looking at this cover I would certainly have the give the Avengers the edge in these battles.  They have a lot more heavy hitters than the X-Men.  It’s possible that the fanboy analysis of the match-ups reveals the X-Men win in the end but I would be very surprised.

Below is the cover for issue number 1 and the press release put out by Marvel Comics.

Marvel Press Release:

This April, prepare for the biggest super hero war in comics history as Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the jaw-dropping cover to Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 by superstar artist Jim Cheung! From the powerhouse creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, John Romita Jr., Adam Kubert and Olivier Copiel comes a groundbreaking event pitting Earth’s Mightiest against the X-Men with the entire Marvel Universe at stake. Cyclops and his team believe the arrival of the Phoenix Force will save mutantkind, but Captain America is convinced it will destroy the world! But who is right? Don’t miss out on all the action in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 in comic shops worldwide and on the Marvel Comics app this April!

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Target: The Avengers

Well as one crossover event wraps up in the Marvel Universe, its time to tease the next one.  Marvel recently released a fairly simple promo for an upcoming Avengers event that is slated to being in December.

From the looks of things The Avengers are being targeted by someone.  One of the interesting to things to note is that the target scope is not in its normal postion.  Normally, the scope form a cross shape instead it is X shaped in the promo picture.  What might that mean?  Well I have a conspiracy theory to advocate.

The mega event going on in the X-Men world is Schism.  In this event the X-Men are split between both Cyclops and Wolverine.  The two men split the X-Men over ideological differences.  Schism is wrapping up soon and with the X-Men split in two more radical actions could be taken by one side.

So here’s where the conspiracy theory comes in to play.  I think one side of the X-Men will will either feel threatened by the Avengers and be forced to attack/defend themselves or something will happen forcing the X-Men to retaliate against The Avengers.  I know it sounds like a rip-off of the Civil War Event from 2007 but its my conspiracy theory and I’m sticking to it.  Any other theories out there, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

X-Mas Origins: Santa

Ran into this video in my travels across the web.  This video is a mashup of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Santa Clause.  To be honest they do a really good job of making me want to see a movie about this ‘origin’ of Santa Claus.  Check it out, I bet you’ll enjoy it!

Wolverine Sequel Ready To Go?

At the Teen Choice Awards, Hugh Jackman was a winner.  Upon accepting his award he was quoted as saying: “Who knows, maybe Wolverine will use one of these when he heads to Japan.”

After the show, MTV was able to get a hold of Jackman and get some more details.  He confirmed to MTV that the movie will follow Frank Miller’s arc where Logan goes to Japan to expand his combat skills.  In the interview with MTV Jackman stated:

“Japan is where we’re heading, and we’re starting to work on it now. We’re in the … first steps of developing that story…I think the fans love that saga. It’s my favorite saga of the Wolverine stories. That’s a movie I’ve longed to make from the beginning, so that’s where we’re heading.”

I’m hoping that this sequel takes  a lot more from the comics but without just completely ignoring the source material like X-Men Origins did.  I’ve got confidence that Jackman can continue to own the role of Wolverine/Logan though.  He’s done it in all the other X-Men movies.

Marvel Comics and Halo Anime Films

So it seems that the anime craze has moved onto other properties like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Halo.  Anime has always been big to some, but recently comic companies and some studios have been trying to cash in on its popularity.  The Animatrix seems to have paved the road for this new trend.  The Animatrix was designed to tell the story that took place between The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded.  Some people really enjoyed this film… others not so much.

The Animatrix paved the way for Warner Bros. to continue this trend with other movies.  Warner Bros. released Batman: Gotham Knight to tell the story of Batman before The Dark Knight.  I’m a big fan of Gotham Knight mostly because it gave Kevin Conroy the chance to be Batman again.  I would argue with just about anyone that he is the best Batman… and at the very least he’s played the role longer than any other actor.

Now it seems as though other companies are trying to cash in on the anime movie craze.  Marvel showed two trailers for new films.  This included Iron Man and Wolverine anime films.  The Iron Man trailer looks amazing, incredible animation and one great fight sequence.  I’m definitely looking forward to watching this one.  However, I bet they won’t release it until shortly before Iron Man 2 hits theaters.

As for Wolverine… I think the best thing to say is I’m not sold yet.  Wolverine with a mullet does not really appeal to me.  The Wolverine movie will actually be an expanded version of the ’80s Wolverine comic when Logan was living in Japan.  There aren’t any plot details I’ve seen so far on Iron Man.  Check out both the trailers below.

The other anime film of note is the Halo anime.  I don’t know much on it myself, but I’ll take a look and report what I find out.  Until then, check out the trailer.