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The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster

The folks over at Superhero Hype got a pretty good score in getting the scoop on the latest teaser poster for the upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man.  It’s in black and white which I think gets it a cool look.  But honestly, I think the coolest looking part is how Peter’s awkward positioning on the wall lends itself to casting the shadow of a spider.  Is it realistic?  No, but it sure looks cool.  Take a look for yourself below.

The only thing that confuses me on this posters is how it is proclaiming ‘The Untold Story.’  As far as I know Spidey’s origin has been fairly well told over they years between multiple cartoons and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.  Is Spidey’s origin going to get tweaked in this reboot?  If so, I hope its nothing drastic.

The Lizard Unveiled

I haven’t really covered much of the upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man.  This is mostly because I’m not very interested in the movie.  I know that sounds blasphemous, that a huge life-long Spidey fan would not care about the new movie.  I have had concerns since days 1 on rebooting the franchise so soon and had concerns over the new director.

One of my biggest concerns is that Sony is taking the a character that has been built up in the Sam Raimi movies to be a major villain in the future and using him as Peter’s first opponent in the reboot.  But… its possible I’m just jaded in regards to the movie.

The guys over at have uncovered that first picture of Rhys Ifans in full makeup playing the Lizard.  Personally, this hasn’t helped to sell me on the movie.  To me, the shape of the head is off and doesn’t compare to what is seen in the comics.  However, the strangest thing of all is that the Lizard will be naked in the upcoming movie!  Look for lots of conveniently placed objects to obscure anything that would make the rating of the movie go up.

The New Spidey Movie Costume

I’ve made it no secret that I am not really a fan of the costume being used in the upcoming Spider-Man movie entitled The Amazing Spider-Man.  However, I will say that as time goes on it does begin to look a little better.  But that’s probably because we are finally seeing the actual costume and not one designed for stunt work.

I’m still not a fan of the radical redesign of Spidey’s costume.  I think his traditional red and blue costume is iconic and really shouldn’t be changed.  Spidey has worn different costumes in the comics, but he’s never really changed his traditional costume.  Maybe that’s why I dislike the new movie costume.  Credit for this find goes to the folks over at

The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster

Update: As some people might have noticed, this poster has been reported to be a fake.  Fused Film broke the story this poster was in fact a fake.  I think the first thing that should have clued me in is that Marvel Studios is referenced in this poster.  I did notice that to begin with but figured maybe Sony was allowing the Marvel Studios banner to be in place.  However, Sony Pictures is in charge of this movie and that enough is able to prove the poster is fake.

Original Story Begins Here

Sony released a new teaser poster for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man.  About all it really gives us is a release date.  Other than that the poster is pretty plain.  But, as a Spider-Man fan I’m excited more official news is coming out about the movie.  I still have my doubts about how good the reboot will be but I really do want to give it a chance.