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The End of the Stargate Era (RIP Stargate)

Bad news Stargate fans.  You know how all of us on the web kept telling you there was a chance that SGU and the other Stargate movies might see the light of day?  Turns out that’s not happening now.  I’ll give you a moment to collect yourselves before I continue.

Stargate showrunner Brian Wright was the featured speaker at the Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It was there that he broke the first bit of news that Stargate Universe would not be wrapped up in a movie:

“We just recently found out that the SGU movie is not going to happen. It took too long. We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window has closed. It’s actually sad for me, because after 17 years, I’m cleaning out my desk tomorrow morning.”

I fully admit I’m fairly disappointed that Stargate Universe will not be wrapping up all of their storylines.  Instead the loyal fans will be left with the unresolved tale of the Destiny and her crew.  The show has hit its stride and been really good in season 2, it’s a shame that it wasn’t given enough time to flourish on Syfy Channel.  But that’s to be expected anymore.

The other bit of news was that the additional three movies that Wright and his writers had begun developing will also not be filmed.  Scripts have been written for the first two projects Stargate: Revolution and Stargate: Extinction but with not greenlight filming will not take place.  The most interesting thing that Brad Wright mentioned was there were plans for a 3rd, currently untitled, Stargate movie.  This movie would have combined the casts of all three shows.  Is it just me or could that have been really cool?  Part of me thinks that, in light of SGU’s cancellation this movie would be when the crew of Destiny was rescued.

To wrap things up, Wright reported there are currently no plans to begin production on any additional Stargate programs.  For the first time in 15 years there will be no Stargate programs on TV.  RIP Stargate we hope to see you again one day.  It truly is the end of an era.

Via: Gateworld

SGU Movies To Save The Series?

As I’m sure you are all aware I am vehemently opposed to Syfy Channel’s plans to cancel Stargate Universe.  If you’ve watched the show I’m sure you can see how the show has grown up.  Instead of seeming mostly like a ripoff of BSG with some SG-1 and SGA tossed in the show has developed its own mythos.

SGU executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has made it clear he intends to pursue any method to save the show.  Luckily for fans he has been updating his blog on a frequent basis detailing the current status of his effort to save SGU.  He revealed last month that the door was pretty much closed on a third season of SGY on someplace other than Syfy Channel.  That leaves us with a few potential alternatives such as web series, comics, or wrap-up movies.

A couple weeks back Mr. Mallozi was able to provide some more clarification on the state/future of Stargate Universe:

“Hopefully, by the time [the season finale] airs, we’ll have definite word on a potential movie or two,” he said.

“If it’s a go and fans can look forward to a proper end to Destiny‘s mission, then ‘Gauntlet’ will certainly set the stage for a grand conclusion. If, on the other hand, things don’t pan out and ‘Gauntlet’ does turn out to be the bittersweet finale, fans will be thrilled, touched, heartbroken — and left to wonder what could have been.”

If you are a fan of Stargate Universe keep your fingers crossed that this movie deal gets worked out.  I, for one, would love them to be able to finish the story of the Destiny and her crew.

The Year in Review Part 2

Happy 2011 everyone and thanks for joining me for part 2 of the year in review.  I hope everyone had fun last night and made it back home in one piece.  To those still recovering from last night’s festivities, I feel your pain, I’ve been there before.

The blog was not updated for a little while but kicked back off in September, so that where we will start for this year.

September: In September my excitement for Smallville was re-ignited.  There were some awesome promos that hit the web, but perhaps the coolest one showcased the fables Superman costume.  Needless to say, this was big news for Smallville fans.  If you’ve enjoyed the show you can’t say there isn’t a little part of you that gets excited to see the iconic red and blue costume encased in ice?

October: This was both a good and bad month for fans of Battlestar Galactica.  Lets start with the bad news first.  In October it was officially announced that Syfy was cancelling Caprica.  The worst part is that they abruptly ended the season and are holding the remaining 5 episodes to be shown in a mini-marathon in January 2011.  I found out the show was cancelled via Bear McCreary’s Twitter feed.  That was not the first time this year that a show’s cancellation became known to me via Twitter, but more on that later.

The good news for BSG fans is that another BSG spin-off was announced.  This mini-series would take place during the First Cylon War and follow a young William Adama.  If it sounds familiar, thats because I called this back in March.  :p  If the mini-series is succesful then there’s a chance this might become a regular Syfy show (cynicism until they cancel it /cynicism).

In October I got to write another fun article about Smallville.  This was my chance to rant and rave a little about the evolution of Clark Kent’s superhero costume on the show.  It was fun realizing that everything is evolving to eventually lead to the iconic Superman costume that everyone recognizes.  Clark’s current red leather jacket is pretty cool, but I like the fanart thats been floating around the web.  Especially this one I found on the net.  Still looking for the original designer, if it’s a reader please leave a comment so I can credit you properly.

Continuing the Smallville trend, the 200th episode of the series aired this month.  Honestly, it was probably one of my favorite episodes of the series.  Some of the coolest things to come out of this episode was seeing Lois and Clark in the future.  But the biggest thing to come from this episode is that Clark finally flew.  I love this episode so much that it’s still on my DVR so I can re-watch it whenever I want.

The final piece of news for this month is that Transformers 3 was officially given a title.  The title leaked at first but was eventually confirmed to be Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. Needless to say it doesn’t make much sense, but I’m still putting money on the fact a certain Pink Floyd song makes it on to the official soundtrack.

November: This month we welcomed a new writer to the Round Table.  Bob debuted with his first post on the top 5 All-Time Thanksgiving Movies.  I’ve learned there’s some movies that I need to go out and see.  Thanks to Bob for all this hard work this year!

This month I also wrote about variety of methods being used to try to save Caprica.  As of now the show is still cancelled but as fans continue to voice their displeasure there’s still a slim chance something might happen.  To all those that have made their voice heard thanks for the effort!

The first trailer for DC’s Green Lantern movie hit the web this month.  I’m still not 100% sold on it, but the trailer made things look pretty cool even if the CGI might have been a bit rough.  I still think Ryan Reynolds would have been a better Wally West Flash, but his Hal Jordan looks to be pretty cool too.  Lets hope he’s still able to make a Deadpool movie at some point!

Finally, Conan O’Brien returned to TV with his new show called Conan on TBS.  The first show was awesome and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It’s a fun show and Conan seems to enjoy putting out a quality show each week.  In what is perhaps the coolest move all of the episodes are available on the Team Coco web-site for viewing.

December: Perhaps the biggest news of the month was that the Syfy Channel cancelled Stargate Universe.  The fact they cancelled the show wasn’t too terribly shocking however the manner in which they did so left a lot to be desired.  Syfy announced the cancellation to everyone, including cast and crew, via Twitter.  Seriously, that was how the stars of the show found out that it was over.  Classy way to do it Syfy Channel.

The cancellation of SGU lead to my rant/article about how Syfy was moving away from their core fanbase.  I still think that eventually Syfy is going to turn into a poor man’s SpikeTV.  Only time will tell though.  At this point I really have nothing to watch on Syfy channel until/unless BSG: Blood and Chrome comes out.

December was also a month for a lot of rumored plot leak from Marvel movie.  To start out, a possible script was leaked to the Spider-Man reboot.  More than likely its fake, but it did present an interesting plot for the movie.  I wouldn’t be shocked if parts of the movie are similar to the ‘leaked script.’  Additionally, a paper in New Mexico might have leaked the plot of The Avengers film.  Supposedly the Avengers will be battling the Kree and Skrull in the movie.  Is it true?  At this point who knows, but I’m leaning towards no.  The new Marvel movies have been working on developing one over-arching world and there haven’t been any hints of either the Kree or Skrull.

This was also a big month for movie trailers as the trailers for both Thor and the new Pirates of the Caribbean hit the web.  Both looked good to me, but I’m more excited for Thor than Pirates.  Really its just cause Thor is new and I’ve already seen 3 Pirates films.

And finally in December we welcomed another person to the Round Table.  Jess, from One Nerdy Cupcake, gave us her take on Epic Mickey.  To be honest I still need to play this game which is going to require me to get a Wii again.  Anyone want to let me come camp out on their couch and play Epic Mickey so I don’t have to buy a Wii?

Well everyone, thanks for staying with me through the final part of the year in review.  Its been a lot of fun this year bringing you news and my opinions on a variety of topics.  Thanks to everyone that comes by, and another thank you to everyone who leaves comments.  Its feedback from everyone that really adds to my enjoyment on posting articles.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in 2011, hopefully its just as much as last year with the exception of all the shows I like being cancelled.  Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

Stargate Universe Cancelled

Just heard the news that SGU has been cancelled.  Really I just popped on to Twitter and found out that way.  I plan on having a post with my reaction to the cancellation up tomorrow, but I wanted to spread the word now.

Stargate Universe Poster

Just a quick one to show off the new poster for Stargate Universe.  It basically tells us nothing about the show.  Way to keep us in suspense Syfy SciFi channel.

Stargate Universe premieres as a two-hour movie event Oct. 2 at 9:00 PM on your local SciFi affiliate.


Stargate Universe Trailer

Another trailer has hit the internet for Stargate Universe.  This one premiered at the San Diego Comic Con.  Just wanted to give a quick update so you all the readers could check it out.

Also, there is another trailer that leaked, it looks to be a bit differnt from the SDCC trailer.  This one might get taken down though, so I make no guarantees to its availability.  Check it out here.