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Going Spoiler Free – The Spoiler Free Challenge

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve indulged in spoilers and luckily I’ve not been burned too badly by them.  But today I came to a realization.  Simply put, I realized if I wasn’t careful spoilers were going to ruin The Dark Knight Rises for me.  For those that haven’t seen it yet there were a ton of pictures taken by fans during filming for the movie in Pittsburgh.

Without going into detail these pictures gave a full on view of Bane in costume as he fought the Batman.  That doesn’t sound bad right?  But the problem is I rather hate the costume chosen for Bane.  Or at least I hate the costume I have seen so far, before any post production editing is done.  I’m sure Christopher Nolan will be tweaking things in post-production but instead I’m letting pictures taken by a fan with their cell phone influence my option.

I’m sure people are thinking ‘Chris, you hypocrite! You crapped all over the new Spidey costume based on spoilers pictures.’  My response, I did and I was proven right the new Spider-Man costume is terrible; even in the finished state showcased in the trailer.  The difference is I trust Christopher Nolan to make Bane awesome despite the changes to the traditional costume.  I didn’t trust Marc Webb to do the same with Spidey.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have been fantastic and I trust him to bring his incredible vision of Batman to the big screen.  And I refuse to let spoilers ruin that for me.  Starting today I will be going spoiler free on The Dark Knight Rises.  I do not want stolen pictures or blurry cam shots to ruin this movie for me.  Starting today I am going spoiler free on everything related to The Dark Knight Rises.  I won’t read anything tagged with spoilers and I won’t post anything outside of my own speculation and any information released via Warner Brothers to promote the movie.

I really would encourage others to do the same.  If not for The Dark Knight Rises try it with another movie that you are waiting on pins and needles for.  Try and think of the last time you went and saw a comic book movie or SciFi epic without being even slightly spoiled.  I bet its hard to remember, I know I struggled to come up with a response.  The last one I can think of is Spider-Man 2; I knew nothing outside of the trailers going in and it was quite possibly the best comic book movie I have seen.  I tried to remain spoiler free for the Star Wars Episode III and 2 days before the movie one of my friends spoiled the crap out of me.  To this day I still regret caving and actually paying attention to the spoilers.

The internet is full of fanboys that are willing to crap all over something based on spoilers and blurry pictures taken on set.  I refuse to be one of those fanboys… for at least a few movies.  I can’t give it up completely!  Movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are ones I will no longer let myself be spoiled on.

To be honest I think not being spoiled will make the movie experience much better when I finally get to see it.  Am I crazy to go spoiler free for these blockbusters?  Better yet will I be able to stand by my pledge to remain spoiler free?  I certainly intend to do everything in my power to not be spoiled.  As for my readers I would encourage you to give it a try to go into a movie un-spoiled.  You might be surprised just how much more fun it is.  If you decide to try to go spoiler-free please let me know how it goes.  I might need a support group to keep my from caving and reading spoilers.

Captain America Reborn?

To quote Stan Lee, ‘Listen here true believers!’  Also as a heads up, possible spoilers lie ahead, especially if you haven’t read Captain America #600.

Possible Cap #600 Spoilers Ahead!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

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