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Iron Man 2: The Game

As we get closer to the release of Iron Man 2 I expect we’ll see more trailers and ads for games and toys.  Sega has released a new trailer for the next Iron Man game and its looking like War Machine might be a playable character.  The trailer is below if you want to look for yourself.

Iron Man 2 Video Game Trailer

Many people didn’t like Sega’s original go with Iron Man in the first movie game.  I was not one of them.  I thought the game had some flaws but overall it was pretty fun to play and there was fun to be had destroying tanks and helicopters.  Sega is going to be making the movie tie-in video game and the trailer has recently been released.  From the looks of the trailer it seems as though its not going to be a complete match up to the movie.  It looks like it will weave in elements of the movie into the gameplay.

It’s also important to point out that Matt Fraction has been pegged to write out the plot/script.  Fraction is currently writing the World’s Most Wanted story in Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man comics.  Arguably this arc has been the most enjoyable story of Iron Man in the past couple years.  With Fraction on board I’ve got high hopes for the story of the game.  Now as long as the gamplay is decent I think we could be seeing a pretty solid movie tie-in game, something that occurs only occasionally with a few notable exceptions (Spider-Man 2).

Getting back to gameplay for second, Sega has rethought some mistakes from the last game.  This statement was released in the official press release:

The development team at Sega Studios San Francisco has also paid close attention to comments from fans and critics concerning the first Iron Man movie game. As a result of this feedback, Iron Man 2 will feature a greater focus on powerful hand-to hand combat, as well as a completely redesigned control scheme, making it more fun for gamers to feel the power and strength of Iron Man.

With all this in mind, I’m cautiously optimistic regarding the game.  At the very least it’ll be a rent for my 360, though since I love Iron Man stuff so much I’ll probably buy it.  Anyway, below is the latest trailer to the game.  Let us know what you think!