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The Dark Knight Rises Theatrical Trailer and Impressions

The theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has officially been released.  If you’re like me and resisted the urge to watch the bootleg copies its well worth checking out now.

In typical Christopher Nolan fashion the trailer really doesn’t give anything away but does its job in getting you amped up for the final movie.  There were a few cool little things I picked up on in the trailer.

  1. There was a pretty cool Easter egg in the beginning of the trailer.  The crowd at the football stadium are holding up signs.  Once sign spells out Rouges.  If you look at the R, its shaped the like the R that is traditionally used as Robin’s logo.
  2. Harvey Dent’s reputation appears to be intact.  Based on the pictures over Gordon’s shoulder it would appear that Gordon and Batman have kept their pact to hide Harvey’s crimes.
  3. Selina Kyle appears to be at a masquerade ball dancing with Bruce Wayne, and it certainly looks like she has cat ears in her hair.
  4. It seems that Bruce Wayne is in prison.  Not sure whether this is a flashback or not.  I’m sure we’ll find out.
  5. Bane is hard to understand.  However, that is probably how he would sound in the comics as well with his mouth completely covered by the mask.  I’m going to have to pay close attention to understand everything he says.
  6. The Batwing is awesome looking. ’nuff said.
  7. The trailer is lacking in the amount of screen-time give to Batman.  He had very little time on screen, however if the Bat is broken it would make sense that he doesn’t appear very much.
  8. They included the Joker’s theme from The Dark Knight in the trailer.  You can hear it as the prisoners are escaping and right before the chanting starts.  I thought it was a great callback to the last movie to include Joker’s music. (Yes, I own The Dark Knight score and listen to it regularly.  That’s how I picked up on the music)

Batman: Arkham City Figures

DC Direct released some pretty awesome looking action figures to tie in with the game Batman Arkham Asylum, and it looks like they will be doing the same with the upcoming sequel Batman Arkham City.  Just like last time, these figures look really good.  I’ve taken to hanging action figures on the wall in my home office to add an extra nerdy flair, and I think I’ll be adding at least one of these figures to my wall.

From left to right you have Harley Quinn as she appears in the game, Bruce Wayne as Batman unmasked, and Tim Drake in his in-game version of the Robin costume.  All three figures look great, but I think I’ll be looking to add the Bruce Wayne figure to my collection.  The fact that he’s holding one of the Bat-gadgets just makes the figure look even cooler.  Anyone else looking at getting some of these figures?

Robin’s Arkham City Costumes

The developers of Batman Arkham City have already unveiled the multiple Batman costumes that will be available to players, but now its time to show what options there will be for Robin.  Robin is a playable character for challenge maps and will be available on launch day to those that pre-order Batman Arkham City from Best Buy.  That’s where I pre-ordered because I wanted to have the playable Robin now instead of paying for it as DLC 6 months from now.

From left to right you have Red Robin, Arkham City Robin, and Robin from Batman The Animated Series (TAS).  Personally I think the Red Robin costume looks the best.  There’s something just creepy about TAS Robin that doesn’t seem to fit in with the look of Batman Arkham City.  As of right now I have no clue if these skins will be available on day 1 or if they will need unlocked by beating certain challenge maps.  However, I do know that I will be using Robin as a playable character on launch day.

Batman and Robin Post DC Reboot

There has been a great deal of confusion regarding DC Comics and the line wide reboot/relaunch of all their published comics.  One of the biggest points of confusion is that in the comics everything has only moved 5 years forward from the origin.

Here’s how that gets confusing for Batman fans.  In 5 years Bruce Wayne has had four, maybe five Robins.

  1. Dick Grayson
  2. Jason Todd
  3. Tim Drake
  4. Stephanie Brown (maybe)
  5. Damien Wayne
That’s a new Robin each year which really doesn’t make sense when you consider that fact that pre-reboot Dick was Robin for many years before developing his Nightwing persona.  How does DC explain the fact that there has been a new Robin nearly every year?  Simple just check out the ‘New 52 FAQ‘ that has been made available to comic book retailers.  Here’s how the FAQ explains the existence of so many Robins in such a short timeline.

Q: If super-heroes have only existed for five years, how has Batman gone through so many Robins?

A: Robin is an intern program -and a very intensive one at that.

What the hell?  An internship?  We are supposed to expect that the bat family that has formed against all odds is instead an internship that brings in employees?  If this is an internship what has happened to the father/son relations ship between Bruce and Dick not to mention Bruce and Tim?  Is that just going to go away?  The sense of family that formed between these men with such troubled pasts is part of what makes their story so compelling.  To get rid of years of history and family for this reboot is ridiculous.

Look at all the animated Batman products there is always a familial relationship between Batman and his sidekicks, just as it has been in the comics.  That is all being thrown out the window right now and for what?  To try and make more money and bring in new readers?  The fact that DC is so willing to get rid of this back-story and history is upsetting to say the least.  I don’t know what DC is doing but its not looking good right now.  This reboot/relaunch might backfire horribly.

Batman and Robin #1 Review

I don’t know how much any readers might have been following the recent Batman Comics from DC.  After the Batman R.I.P. arc and the Battle for the Cowl arc things have been shaken up to say to least.  Bruce Wayne, as many might know, was killed in Final Crisis and upon his death Gotham City was left without the Batman.  Gotham remained without Batman until the end of the Battle for the Cowl arc where Dick Grayson assumed the role of Batman.  That wasn’t the only major shift though, Damien Wayne (Bruce’s biological son) has assumed the mantle of Robin and Tim Drake/Wayne is now the Red Robin.  Simply put, there is a new Dynamic Duo in Gotham City.

Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1 reunites the team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.  This is the same duo that relaunched the X-Men in the early 2000s.  Needless to say, I think they are up to the task of showcasing the new Batman and Robin.  Keep in mind, however, that Quitely is only penciling the first 3 issues before taking a 6 issue hiatus.  Its been mentioned by others online, but I think this part bears repeating.  It will be very interesting to see Batman and Robin in opposite roles.  When Bruce Wayne was the Batman he was always serious while the Robins acted in a much more laid back manor and interjected humor into situations.  This is going to be a role reversal now with Damien Wayne’s Robin playing the straightman to Dick Grayson’s Batman.  As a Dick Grayson fan I’m excited to see how things turn out.

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