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Possible Tony Stark Cameo in Thor?

I don’t know if anyone watched the Golden Globe Awards last week, but if you did you may have noticed something interesting about Robert Downey Jr.  He’s grown out the Tony Stark goatee again so it’s a logical jump to think that he’s filming more as Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr. at the Golden Globes

There’s two possible reasons he’s brought back the Stark look.  First, he could be doing some reshoots for Iron Man 2.  This seems the most likely, but Paramount is denying that any Iron Man 2 reshoots are taking place.

The second possible alternative is that there is a Tony Stark cameo in the Thor film.  Thor is about to begin filming, so this lines up perfectly for RDJ to have his Stark look back in time for the cameo scene.  I’d say its likely, especially since we got a Tony Stark cameo in The Incredible Hulk.   If Stark cameos in Thor its continuing the trend of linking all the new Marvel films together, and personally I think thats great.