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Kickstarter Recs: The Mighty Titan

The first Kickstarter Project I wanted to highlight in this series is a comic project by Joe Martino.  This project is called The Mighty Titan and draws a lot of experience from Joe Martino’s past.  Titan was created in 2004 during his first bout with kidney cancer, but his own word’s are much more powerful for describing the premise of this comic series.

Imagine for a moment that you were the worlds strongest protector. Imagine that no knife, bullet or bomb can harm you. Then imagine in that moment you are told you have cancer.

Titan is a character who is for all intents and purposes, invulnerable. He cannot be harmed by any means known to man. His alter ego doesn’t have such luck. Titan’s alter ego is dying. What now?

Isn’t this the perception that we all have when not touched by cancer? We are all under the belief that we are invulnerable. Aren’t we all someone’s protector? Aren’t we all everything to someone? Not until that lump, or pain, or (un)lucky scan.

How we deal with this defines us. How we live with this strengthens us. What we lose is innocence and the loss of a clear mind.

This is my epitaph. This is my way of dealing. This is my way of helping others understand what it feels like to be invunerable…

And then, one conversation, one sentence later… never feeling that way again.

“I am sorry, Mr. Martino. You have renal cell carcinoma.” were the last words my 33 year old innocent, clear-minded self ever heard. From that day forward, I had cancer. Life was over. Even though, through the support and resolve of my friends, family and doctors. I survived. Twice.

This is actually the second project I have backed on Kickstarter.  As for why, there was something about the premise of the Titan that appealed to me.  This superhero is invulnerable but who alter ego is not.  How will Titan shape the world before his time is up?  This is a story that is unique and shaped my personal experience, I think that’s why it appeals to me so much.

My sincere hope is to see this Kickstarter project succeed.   If its something that appeals to you as well, check out the project.  It has until August 14th to get funded. As I write this the funding goal is $10,550 and backers have pledged $7213.  There are 8 days left to help publish the Titan and tell his tale.

I hope that a few folks who read this might be inspired to read Joe’s story and help publish The Mighty Titan.  If you want to find out more about the Titan check out the Kickstarter page or send a tweet to @jgmcomics.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that this project comes to fruition.  There’s only 8 days left to help out so act quickly!

New Series: Kickstarter Recs

If you guys have listened to the All Things Good And Nerdy podcast you might have notice we have talked alot about Kickstarter in the past.  Opinions were mixed on the show, but I’m a fan of Kickstarter and how it can be the boost/initial push to help someone’s dream come alive.  I’ve been tracking a lot of the Kickstarter projects in the comics arena.

Readers of the blog have no doubt noticed that I have a great love for comics.  Mostly I have read a lot of Marvel and DC books but recently I’ve started moving into the indie arena.  But now, I have found a lot of projects on Kickstarter that really interest me.  It may sound corny but I like helping to fun these comic projects because I like thinking that I can play a small part in someone achieving one their dreams.

I’m new to Kickstarter but there are a few projects I have taken a liking to.  This new series is my attempt to shine a spotlight on projects that intrigue me and I have backed.  My hope is that some readers might find a Kickstarter project that draws them in, and then help to fund somebody’s dream.  Starting this week I’m going to highlight some of the projects that appeal to me.  Please note then when I highlight a project I have no intention of disclosing how much I have given to back a project.  I don’t want to influence a reader’s opinion on how much support they should give.  Hopefully this blog can help to send more backers their way.

Here are some of the projects heading your way soon in this series.

  1. The Mighty Titan
  2. Oxymoron Hardcover Graphic Novel
  3. Unmasked: The New Age Heroes Volume 1
  4. Telkios Protocol

Stay tuned I’m hoping to roll out the first Kickstarter Rec tomorrow evening!