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Newest Iron Man 2 Trailer

Last night after the Academy Awards, Robert Downey Jr. went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to show off the newest Iron Man 2 trailer.  And holy crap is it amazing or what?

Still doesn’t give away a large part of the plot, but there’s some amazing scenes to see.  This includes Stark’s Iron Man armor that deploys from a suitcase just like from the comics and cartoon.

In this second trailer we see Whiplash meeting Justin Hammer for the first time and eventually developing more of his robotic weapons.  And we get to see some of the Black Widow actually doing some fighting.  Finally, and quite possibly best of all some more clips from what looks to be the Iron Man and War Machine face off.  My favorite part of the trailer is the Stark and Nick Fury interaction.  I won’t give anything away, but when you see that clip you’ll laugh.  Basically, this trailer is great, and Jon Favreau looks to have made another good Iron Man movie.  The trailer is viewable and downloadable off of Apple’s site and I’ve embedded a HD copy of the trailer below.  Just remember this is trailer #2 if you look it up on your own.

Favreau Says Avengers Movie Might Be A ‘Failed Experiment’


Jon Favreau is hard at work on postproduction work for Iron Man 2.  However, thats not stopping him from thinking about Marvel Studio’s upcoming Avengers movie.  His specific concern was whether or not the superhero mash-up will be accepted by audiences growing sick of superheroes.

In an article on Ireland Online Favreau is quoted as saying:

‘The Avengers’ might be the thing that helps rescue us from the inevitable sequel slump that you get into, because you’re throwing everything on its ear. It might be a failed experiment or it might be something wonderful, but it allows you to add complexity in an organic way where you’re culminating with something bigger, as opposed to trying to play out and not repeat the same story over and over again.

I guess we’ll see what happens.  With the way Marvel has been managing their franchises under the Marvel Studios banner I’m fairly confident they will make things turn out well.

Via: Ireland Online