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Google Gets It

I fully admit, I probably use Google far too much.  I use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Wave, tons of their other apps with the Chrome browser.  And I will use Chrome OS once I get a chance to sit down and play with it.

With my bias firmly established I think that Google is definitely good about putting little pieces out there that appeal to the nerdy sector of the web.  For instance, Google puts modified logos up for days of interest all the time.  They’ve had a Google logo for Comic Con and even Popeye.  Now they’ve been making a series of advertisements with the catch phrase “Every Search Is A Quest. Every Quest Is A Story.”  Check out this one below, let us know who you think it is.

Thanks Google for showing us what Bruce Wayne is looking at!

Google is Ready for Comic Con

If you’ve done any google searches today you know that Google is ready for the beginning of the San Diego Comic Con.  Check out the Google logo of today, drawn by Jim Lee.

Google Comic Con Logo

Google Comic Con Logo

Pretty cool right?

Via: Google