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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3

I’m a little late to jump in with this news, but last night Warner Bros released the 3rd, and probably final, trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  The last trailer was good, but it really told us nothing about the plot of the final movie.  Below is the trailer, I’ll post some of my thoughts after the video just in case you don’t want to see speculation.  Remember, there are no spoilers here as I’ve gone spoiler-free for TDKR!

  1. It looks like Bane might be taking over Gotham, and not for a short time either.
  2. It looks like Bruce is imprisoned by Bane, but for how long we don’t know.
  3. Selina might know that Bruce is Batman.
  4. The end quip from Selina Kyle just screams Catwoman to me.
  5. This movie looks really dark.

I really hope this movie is good, and I have every faith in Christopher Nolan.  However, historically the third entry in a trilogy is not very good.  Hopefully this movie breaks that convention.


The Dark Knight Rises Theatrical Trailer and Impressions

The theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has officially been released.  If you’re like me and resisted the urge to watch the bootleg copies its well worth checking out now.

In typical Christopher Nolan fashion the trailer really doesn’t give anything away but does its job in getting you amped up for the final movie.  There were a few cool little things I picked up on in the trailer.

  1. There was a pretty cool Easter egg in the beginning of the trailer.  The crowd at the football stadium are holding up signs.  Once sign spells out Rouges.  If you look at the R, its shaped the like the R that is traditionally used as Robin’s logo.
  2. Harvey Dent’s reputation appears to be intact.  Based on the pictures over Gordon’s shoulder it would appear that Gordon and Batman have kept their pact to hide Harvey’s crimes.
  3. Selina Kyle appears to be at a masquerade ball dancing with Bruce Wayne, and it certainly looks like she has cat ears in her hair.
  4. It seems that Bruce Wayne is in prison.  Not sure whether this is a flashback or not.  I’m sure we’ll find out.
  5. Bane is hard to understand.  However, that is probably how he would sound in the comics as well with his mouth completely covered by the mask.  I’m going to have to pay close attention to understand everything he says.
  6. The Batwing is awesome looking. ’nuff said.
  7. The trailer is lacking in the amount of screen-time give to Batman.  He had very little time on screen, however if the Bat is broken it would make sense that he doesn’t appear very much.
  8. They included the Joker’s theme from The Dark Knight in the trailer.  You can hear it as the prisoners are escaping and right before the chanting starts.  I thought it was a great callback to the last movie to include Joker’s music. (Yes, I own The Dark Knight score and listen to it regularly.  That’s how I picked up on the music)

Catwoman Debuts Part 2

Update: According to a variety of sources this picture is in fact a fake.  Consider me duped.

Warner Bros has released an additional photo of Anne Hathaway in what is presumably the Catwoman costume.  It’s an interesting costume for a burglar, but not necessarily what I would expect from Catwoman.  Catwoman’s costume exudes sexiness and this doesn’t really help to do that.  And the goggles confuse me… I’m really hoping its not a permanent thing.  But I’m going to trust Christopher Nolan not to let me down.  Check out the picture below.

Catwoman Debuts

Hot on the heels of the reveal of Henry Cavill in costume as Superman Warner Bros has followed up with the first image of Anne Hathaway in costume as Catwoman.  Don’t worry, I am not violating me pledge for going spoiler free on The Dark Knight Rises.  This image was released on the official site for the newest Batman movie.

As for the picture it doesn’t give away too much.  I find it interesting that Selina Kyle is riding the batpod and it looks to be indoors.  Maybe she’s stealing it from Batman?  It would be in character seeing as she is a thief.  The goggles are interesting as well.  In the comics Catwoman has periodically worn goggles but never anything as technologically fancy as we see in this picture.  Maybe they are only for use during heists to help see security tripwires or something like that.  Based on the previous Christopher Nolan films I really don’t see these goggles being a permanent part of the costume.  I think it will be a temporary thing much like Batman’s sonar vision in The Dark Knight.

I’m sure some people will complain because the Catwoman costume is not skin-tight like in the comics.  But bear in mind Nolan tries to make his movies have an element of realism and it wouldn’t make much sense for a cat burglar to wear a skin-tight suit.  A utility suit like this makes sense so that tools could be carried easily.  Also, there is one last thing to consider.  This might not be the final Catwoman costume and instead a version worn early in the film that will then evolve.  One thing is for sure its fun to start seeing news about The Dark Knight Rises that isn’t spoilers.