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Avengers: X-Sanction #1 Cover Art Revealed

Marvel has released the coverart for the next Avengers event entitled X-Sanction.  The big thing coming out of this is the return of the recently deceased Cable to the Marvel Universe.  The premise of this story is:

With only 24 hours to destroy the Avengers, can he take on all of Earth’s Mightiest alone? Find out as superstar creators Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness kick off the countdown to the 2012’s status quo-shattering event in the Avengers: X-Sanction #1!

Should be interesting at the very least.  I do believe this is the first real interaction between many of the Avengers and Cable.

Cable Returns in Avengers: X-Sanction

In what seems to be about par for the course at Marvel a hero who recently died is now being resurrected in a 4 issue mini-series.  In this case, Cable is returning to the Marvel Universe after falling in Second Coming.  Marvel had released a teaser poster that seemed to indicate that the X-Men would be involved in an Avengers event in December.  Turns out it is only one X-Man and he will be combating the Avengers.

A good deal of information about X-Sanction was released during Marvel’s live blog this week. The participants on the Marvel side were writer Jeph Loeb, artist Ed McGuinness and Marvel VP Tom Brevoort.  Loeb has been involved with Cable since the very beginning of the character so it makes sense to bring him in for Cable’s most recent resurrection.   As a fan it might seem a little strange that Cable’s resurrection is being handled in an Avengers book and Marvel seems to realize that as well.  According to Tom Brevoort:

“This story puts Cable in a situation where he’s surrounded by and dealing with characters he doesn’t normally. It’s not just another story with Cable and the X-Men. The idea of Cable as a man out to protect his daughter by any means necessary gives the character an emotional heft and underlines everything he does. It’s richly fulfilling.”

So it sounds to me as if Cable will be fighting the Avengers at some point and the recently released promo art (see below) seems to indicate this as well.  My guess is that the Avenger and Cable will initially be opposed to each other before joining together to stop a common foe.  Not only that, but X-Sanction is kicking off the events for the next big Marvel crossover event:

As we’ve said, it’s not a coincidence that Fear Itself, Schism, and other big stories end at the same time. This is the first brick in the next road. Cable knows he’s coming to battle the Avengers, so he comes loaded for bear, with the specific gear he needs.

Overall, I think its interesting that Marvel is using the Avengers in Cable’s resurrection story.  Its something that is different and unexpected and surprisingly new from the House of Ideas.  But the reason I’m most interested in picking up this series, the ‘merc with a mouth’ or Deadpool will be making an appearance.  Anytime Deadpool and Cable are in the same book its a lot of fun.  Don’t believe me, just check out the older Cable and Deadpool series.

Via: Marvel