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Dollhouse is Back Tonight

Thats right, Dollhouse is returning for its final run of 3 episodes.  We have 3 left until the end of the series.  It’s really a shame because the show had finally hit stride!  This episode is entitled “Getting Closer” and the official preview is below.

Topher races to reconstruct Echo’s original personality and memories when Adelle realizes they are the key to adverting a devastating future. Meanwhile, Echo and Bennett’s shared past and the identity of the Rossum’s Corpration’s mysterious leader are revealed.

Judging by the past few episodes we’ll find out a lot more.  Here’s some things to consider:

  • What is Ballard missing now?  In order to save his life Topher had to rewire his brain and remove one of his abilities.  All we know is that Ballard is going to be pissed off when he finds out he’s been changed.  Maybe we’ll find out what happened to him.  Here’s a few of my ideas: 1. Ballard can no longer fight.  Brain rewiring could wreak havoc on hand-eye coordination.  2. Ballard has lost the ability to feel certain emotions like love.  This would be very Whedonesque.  Just look at his other shows, he loves to have unrequited or impossible love.  Examples include Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Spike, Mal and Inara, and now possibly Ballard and Echo.
  • Echo is getting Caroline put back in her head.  Will Caroline become dominant again?
  • What is the connection between Bennet (Summer Glau) and Caroline?

We might find out some of those answers, but until then check out the trailer for the newest episode below.

Ustream: Live on Dollhouse

Hey guys, we took the chance to use ustream and give an update on the site and talk about the end of Dollhouse.  It can be seen on our show page over at ustream.  If you get a chance take a peak.

We took some time to talk about the upcoming season of Chuck as well.  Its about 8 minutes of time well spent if you get bored!

The Fundamental Flaw Of Dollhouse

So as you all probably know by now Dollhouse has officially been canceled by the geniuses over at Fox.  Not even Summer Glau was enough to save it!  That makes a second television show by Joss Whedon that has come to a premature end on Fox.  The first of course was Firefly.  Don’t get me wrong, Dollhouse is no Firefly, but its still certainly entertaining.

I can’t complain too much, at least Fox gave Dollhouse a chance by renewing it unlike Firefly which got screwed over numerous ways.  The problem was that Dollhouse never seemed to catch on with people, it seemed to be missing something that other Whedon shows had.  Other sites seems to have it pegged and I have to agree with them.  If you look at Joss Whedon’s other shows like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly there was a ‘family’ that everything tied together with.  Buffy had the Scoobies, Angel had the Fang Gang, and Captain Mal had the crew of Serenity.  The family always made for an interesting dynamic and you don’t get that with Dollhouse.  The family to all of these shows makes it easier for viewers to grow attached to the characters and become invested in the show even if its not one of their normal types of shows they watch.

Dollhouse never had the family that viewers could grow attached to.  I really enjoyed Dollhouse and I’m pretty sure that I’ll miss it when its gone.  Then again, I’m not a normal television watcher.  I’ve always enjoyed odd SciFi shows that are thought provoking.  I really think that its really difficult to make a Friday night show take off and be successful.  Friday has notoriously been the graveyard where Fox places shows to do.  It happened to the Sarah Conner Chronicles and now Dollhouse.  Hopefully Joss Whedon can get his show on a different network next time, but of course I was shocked he went back to Dollhouse.  Dollhouse we’ll miss you when you leave, but we’re sure as hell going to enjoy the final run of episodes we get.

EDIT: We added a copy of the live stream discussing Dollhouse below.  Just our part of continually updating the Round Table.

The Final Episodes of Dollhouse Start This Week

It figures, just as I get hooked on the show it goes and gets cancelled.  But, thats something we should have expected with it going off the air for November sweeps.  Hopefully Joss Whedon will get to close things out the way he wants on this show.  The plus side is, we should go out with a bang.  Fox will be airing double episodes on Friday nights and Summer Glau will be on the show soon.  At least we’ve got that to look forward to before the show gets axed.  Below is the tentative schedule that has hit the web for the remaining episodes.

Dec. 4: two episodes
Dec. 11: two episodes
Dec 18: two episodes
Jan 8: one episode
Jan 15: one episode
Jan 22: one episode (series finale)

This is Why You Don’t Put Shows on Friday Nights

Well, looks like two shows the Round Table follows are already in trouble.    Both Smallville and Dollhouse’s premieres averaged around 2.5 million viewers (with Dollhouse slightly ahead), a drop compared with last season’s final episodes.

Putting Smallville on Friday was a dumb idea, done primarily to sandwich in a new vampire show on the CW.  Looks like they’d rather cash in on something trendy, vampires, than continue to support a show that had a hella loyal fanbase.  If this ratings fiasco continues I’d wager Smallville is done after this year.

As for Dollhouse, I’d say its done for sure.  Even guest starring BSG cast members won’t be able to save it.

Summer Glau Enters the Dollhouse

Just in case you all hadn’t picked up on it before I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon’s work.  I’ll be honest though and say I was late to the Dollhouse party.  I was pretty bored with the first 3 episodes and then I quit on the show for a while.  I was back home visiting my folks and caught the last two episodes of season 1 and what a difference there was.  Now I fully admit I’m hooked and will have to go back and watch the earlier episodes.

Well the big news is that Whedon-verse alum Summer Glau has signed on to be a part of Dollhouse in season 2.  She’s previously worked with Whedon on  Angel and Firefly before moving on to Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Glau will be a recurring cast member in Dollhouse, playing a new character named “Bennett.”  The question is, what role will Bennett have with Eliza Dushku’s Echo?

That being said, it looks like Fox is letting Whedon pull out all the stops this season.  Guest stars already booked include Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica fame as well.  Keep your fingers crossed, it looks like Dollhouse could be really good this year!

Stars of Dollhouse

Stars of Dollhouse