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The Avengers Footage from D23

Marvel Studios was a big player in Disney’s D23 Expo that was held over the weekend.  In fact there was whole section of the Expo dedicated to just The Avengers, with some of the cast and crew on hand.  But what is probably the coolest is that Marvel took the opportunity to debut 5 minutes of footage from the film despite the fact that filming has not even been completed.

As you might remember I recently made a pledge to go spoiler free on both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.  To explain why I am covering this news let me explain myself.  Simply, I am not consider this footage spoiler material.  This is footage that Marvel Studios released to the public at large, much like an extended trailer.  There is a big difference between the leaked scripts, set photos, and personal accounts from extras.  All of those items give away facts the studios are not comfortable with sharing.  Since Marvel Studios released this footage, albeit to a small Disney controlled crowd, I am considering it fair game.  As a concession to those who don’t even want the possible spoilers from this video I will put the recaps after the jump.  Click at your own peril! Read more of this post

Going Spoiler Free – The Spoiler Free Challenge

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve indulged in spoilers and luckily I’ve not been burned too badly by them.  But today I came to a realization.  Simply put, I realized if I wasn’t careful spoilers were going to ruin The Dark Knight Rises for me.  For those that haven’t seen it yet there were a ton of pictures taken by fans during filming for the movie in Pittsburgh.

Without going into detail these pictures gave a full on view of Bane in costume as he fought the Batman.  That doesn’t sound bad right?  But the problem is I rather hate the costume chosen for Bane.  Or at least I hate the costume I have seen so far, before any post production editing is done.  I’m sure Christopher Nolan will be tweaking things in post-production but instead I’m letting pictures taken by a fan with their cell phone influence my option.

I’m sure people are thinking ‘Chris, you hypocrite! You crapped all over the new Spidey costume based on spoilers pictures.’  My response, I did and I was proven right the new Spider-Man costume is terrible; even in the finished state showcased in the trailer.  The difference is I trust Christopher Nolan to make Bane awesome despite the changes to the traditional costume.  I didn’t trust Marc Webb to do the same with Spidey.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have been fantastic and I trust him to bring his incredible vision of Batman to the big screen.  And I refuse to let spoilers ruin that for me.  Starting today I will be going spoiler free on The Dark Knight Rises.  I do not want stolen pictures or blurry cam shots to ruin this movie for me.  Starting today I am going spoiler free on everything related to The Dark Knight Rises.  I won’t read anything tagged with spoilers and I won’t post anything outside of my own speculation and any information released via Warner Brothers to promote the movie.

I really would encourage others to do the same.  If not for The Dark Knight Rises try it with another movie that you are waiting on pins and needles for.  Try and think of the last time you went and saw a comic book movie or SciFi epic without being even slightly spoiled.  I bet its hard to remember, I know I struggled to come up with a response.  The last one I can think of is Spider-Man 2; I knew nothing outside of the trailers going in and it was quite possibly the best comic book movie I have seen.  I tried to remain spoiler free for the Star Wars Episode III and 2 days before the movie one of my friends spoiled the crap out of me.  To this day I still regret caving and actually paying attention to the spoilers.

The internet is full of fanboys that are willing to crap all over something based on spoilers and blurry pictures taken on set.  I refuse to be one of those fanboys… for at least a few movies.  I can’t give it up completely!  Movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are ones I will no longer let myself be spoiled on.

To be honest I think not being spoiled will make the movie experience much better when I finally get to see it.  Am I crazy to go spoiler free for these blockbusters?  Better yet will I be able to stand by my pledge to remain spoiler free?  I certainly intend to do everything in my power to not be spoiled.  As for my readers I would encourage you to give it a try to go into a movie un-spoiled.  You might be surprised just how much more fun it is.  If you decide to try to go spoiler-free please let me know how it goes.  I might need a support group to keep my from caving and reading spoilers.

Avengers Assembled

Say what you want about Marvel, but they sure know how to promote their movies and get fans excited.  This week at Comic Con Marvel released individual posters of each Avenger, and when placed together they make one large banner.  The Hulk was the last Avenger to appear in this format, but he completes a pretty awesome banner that the folks at Super Hero Hype have been kind of enough to piece together.  It blows up so click on it for a full screen look.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve noticed about the Avengers in this new poster.

  1. Iron Man has gone back to the round arc reactor.  We know that The Avengers takes place after Iron Man 2 so what causes Tony to go back to the old tech that was gradually killing him?  And strangely enough in the teaser trailer it looked like he still had the triangular reactor.  So when does the switch take place?
  2. Black Widow has changed her look some.  Now the costume looks to be leather-like and she is sporting shorter hair.  Not a major change, but a change nonetheless.
  3. The Hulk looks old school.  By that I mean he has the exaggerated facial features and large brow that was distinctive in early comics.  It looks good but its a little jarring to have Hulk look different in each movie he’s appeared in.  Hopefully they are able to stick to this look.
  4. Cap’s new costume is pretty streamlined.  You can see the difference between the World War II era and modern era costumes.  The new costume and streamlined and armored looking.  The wings on the helmet look a little odd though.
  5. Thor’s costume hasn’t changed in the artwork.  However, in the teaser trailer he is sporting the short sleeves without the chainmail.
  6. Hawkeye’s costume is straight out of the Ultimates comics.  If you look at the costumes side-by-side they are the same aside from the sunglasses worn in the comics.  I like this look and it translates to the big screen much better than the traditional 616-style costume.
  7. As for Nick Fury, he’s still pretty badass but that might be because he’s modeled after and played by Samuel L. Jackson.  The really cool thing to see is the SHIELD Helicarrier.  It looks awesome, and its safe to bet that we will be seeing it in the Avengers.
Kudos to Marvel for putting together this awesome artwork.  Between the art and the teaser at the end of the Captain America movie this has been a big week for news on the Avengers.  Only a year away now!

The Avengers Teaser Hits the Web

It was revealed this weekend that the post-credits scene in Captain America: The First Avenger is a teaser trailer for next summer’s blockbuster film The Avengers.  Who knows how long these teasers will stay online but there’s a short time to check it out.  The teaser doesn’t give a ton away but it sets up the movie quite nicely.  See if you can notice all the costume changes too.

Rumor has it that an official version of this trailer will be debuted at Comic Con and then released to the public so there might be a high quality version available in the coming days.  If all else fails you should be able to see this teaser with Captain America.

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Is It Real? The Avengers Concept Art

At the Licensing International Expo, the first promotional teaser for the Marvel  superhero crossover The Avengers has been found.  At least that’s what various news sources have been reporting.  However, after getting burned on that The Amazing Spider-Man poster I am still a little skeptical.  I’ll let you take a look, then explain why.

Firstly, if this is a legit poster I have to say I like the look of Hawkeye. It’s definitely inspired by the Ultimates books but its much more realistic than the traditional ‘616-verse’ costume.  Also, the modernized Cap costume is pretty cool looking too.  They gave him the wings on the side of the helmet and red gloves that are faithful to the traditional costume.  It’s a good look similar to the comics, and it still looks fairly realistic.  It’s a win for the new Cap costume.

Now, here’s why I think this might be a fake.  Take a look at the chest piece on the Iron Man armor.  Iron Man has a round shaped arc reactor in this concept art.  One of the big plot points from Iron Man 2 was that the old arc reactor, which happened to be round in shape, was slowly killing Tony Stark.  In order to survive Tony had to fashion his own element and use it to fashion a new arc reactor.  That arc reactor was triangular in shape and that was reflected in the Mark VI armor.  I’m not sure why they would take a step back to the older arc reactor design and that is my main reason for skepticism.

This is concept art if its legit, perhaps someone just didn’t use the most recent Iron Man armor in the picture.  However, Marvel has been pretty on top of protecting their movie properties and I don’t think they would mess up the cash cow that has been Iron Man.  I’m leaning towards this being a fake, albeit a pretty cool looking fake.  Thanks to MrTommyAwesome for cluing me in on this concept art.

Have The Avengers Halted Production?

Rumors are swirling around the internet that production on The Avengers has been halted due to the presumed Samuel L. Jackson script that has been leaked on the web.  Right now its just a rumor, but where there is smoke there tends to be fire.

The rumor circulating is that production on the mega-film has been halted for up to one-week while the compromised plot points are re-written in a new script.  If this rumor is true its a shame that a rogue act has derailed what could be one of the biggest comic book hero movies.

Normally I wouldn’t think that a leak of a few scenes would cause a re-write but this movie is intended to be a superhero mega event.  Disney/Marvel probably wants to have no leaks and keep themselves as reliable news source that gives out information on the movie.  Even if there is short halt in production it shouldn’t impact the May 4, 2012 release date.

Luckily, there are folks on the internet that have much better sources than I do.  Devin Faraci of Badass Digest was able to reach out to some contacts at Marvel/Disney.  According to Devin production is moving along:

Reports are spreading online that production on The Avengers has been halted after a copy of the script leaked online. I’ve talked to a couple of sources and neither of them can confirm this and believe that the production is trundling along just fine. That could change, I suppose, but the reality is that the cost of stopping a movie like this over a script leak is so prohibitive it seems unlikely. I’m still waiting for official word from Disney. UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Disney and this was the first the publicist had heard about it.

Hopefully the cast and crew of The Avengers is able to move forward with production, if there even is a delay, and no more leaks come out.  I would strongly suggest that people be wary about Avengers spoilers when reading articles on various blogs and web-sites.  I fully intend to not read any spoilers from this script leak nor report on them.

Has The Avengers Script Leaked?

The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, started filming earlier this week and there’s already a threat of massive spoilers hitting the internet.  Marvel has done a pretty good job about limiting information about the movie.  Most of what was being reported was based on opinions or the little nuggets of information that had been provided by the actors.

However, this all might be changing.  Someone got their hands on a copy of the script written by Joss Whedon.  In fact it looks like they got Samuel L Jackson’s copy of the script.

Obsessed with Film announced they had been contacted by an anonymous source that was looking to sell  the 129 page script.  When the source was asked for proof that the script was legitimate they provided pictures including one page of dialogue between Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).  The page is also watermarked with Jackson on it providing further evidence this script just may in fact belong to Samuel L Jackson.  A sample page was provided as proof of authenticity.  I fully admit I skimmed it and have provided it below so readers can make their own decision as to whether the script is real.

If this anonymous source truly has a copy of the script this is a security leak on par with Sony’s recent PSN issues.  All joking aside this is one of those time where I am not a fan of the internet.  If this is real and the script gets released spoilers are going to be all over the web.  My intent is to remain mostly spoiler free on the Marvel movies and this might not be doable if The Avengers script has leaked.  I promise you all right now that if this script is legitimate and details come to light I will not be sharing them.  I want to remain spoiler-free (mostly) and I’m going to do so for readers of the site.

I have to admit I feel bad for whoever purchases this script too.  They might get a huge spike in traffic for a day or two but then the army of Disney lawyers will descend to protect their property, in this case the script from The Avengers.  With an army of Disney lawyers waiting to pounce I hope fellow bloggers and news sites practice some discretion and don’t buy this script.  Don’t put it on the internet for everyone to read either.  If either thing happens it’s just going to ruin the movie-going experience for The Avengers.

Fans have  been waiting years for a superhero team-up movie like The Avengers.  Hopefully it’s not screwed up for all the fans by leaking the plot the first week of filming.  If bloggers chose to ignore the fan opinion, at the very least have a sense of self-preservation to keep out of legal hell.  Disney is going to come down hard on whoever is selling the script and whoever posts it on their web-site.  Do the right thing don’t buy the script or post it online!

Has The Avengers Plot Leaked? [Update]

Its became well-known that Joss Whedon’s next movie The Avengers will be filming in New Mexico.  Multiple media outlets is New Mexico have reported this.  However, the Albuquerque Journal may have leaked out some plot details for the upcoming movie.  The web-site has been since updated to remove the potential spoilers but I’m told it still exists in the print version.

According to the article

The Avengers” script will blend “Iron Man,” “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” story lines as the Avengers battle with two alien races, the Skrulls and the Kree.

It’s a minor spoiler but it could be pretty interesting to see what Whedon does with both the Skrull and Kree if this rumor is true.  It’s possible that we could see a lot of plot points taken from the Kree-Skrull War storyline from the early 70s.  Since this movie is so far out I’m inclined to believe its just a rumor.  A lot could change between now and May 4, 2012 when the movie is slated to release.

Via: ABQ Journal and 411Mania

Update: Here’s a copy of the print version for everyone to see.  Still doesn’t mean its true just lends more credence to the fact that this is what was published.

Thor Trailer is Out

Well folks, the new trailer for Thor has hit the web.  If you saw the footage from Comic Con its nothing new.  That being said the trailer is interesting to me as a comic fan.  However I’m not sure how well it will do when it comes to pulling in non fans.  I also have to say that Asgard looks fantastic!

Thor Movie Poster

The first poster for Thor has hit the web.  Looks a little plain to me so I’m not sure how good it will do at pulling in non-fans.  I mean the name of the movie isn’t even on this poster.