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All Things Good And Nerdy Episode 1

One of the things I mentioned in my return post last night is that I had become involved in a new podcast called All Things Good And Nerdy.  The podcast focuses on a variety of topics and records weekly.  We have been setting up livestreaming and the plan is to livestream each new episode.  Afterwards, the recordings will be placed on YouTube and the audio uploaded to an RSS feed.  As soon as Apple approves it, the podcast will be carried on iTunes.

My friend Josh has spearheaded the effort going into this podcast.  We’ve been making use of his channel on for the livestream.  He also livestreams video games on a regular basis so make sure to check out his stream for some gaming fun.  It can be found on  Also, Naki from OneNerdyCupcake and is onboard as a regular panelist.

This week on the podcast we started off talking about a variety of topics.  Those topics included The Avengers movie, Diablo III, the opening of Pottermore to the public, the future of Halo 4, and much much more.  The entire podcast was about 2 hours long so there were a lot of subjects covered.  It was a lot of fun to do, and I hope you all would be willing to give it a chance.  The YouTube version of the video is embedded below.  As soon as I have the audio available I will post it too.


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