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Big News aka I’m Back

I know things have been quiet here around the Nerds of the Round Table.  First off, I would like to apologize.  I’ve gotten the opportunity spread out and become involved in some new nerdy projects.  While I was getting started with these new projects I let things slide here.  Well, my intent is to come back and start posting once more.  Right now I’m looking at 2-3 posts a week on this site.

In addition to my work here I have started working over at 411Games as a games reviewer and a columnist.  I’ve had the opportunity to review a couple games now.  One was an Xbox Live game entitled Diabolical Pitch and then MLB 12: The Show.  These reviews gave me the chance to play games I wouldn’t normally play and then tell people what I thought about them.  It has been fun to work on.  I’ve also got a weekly news column that I write on 411Games.  The column is called Around The Gaming World and I try to cover news topics for all the major consoles plus a story I deem the news of the week.  The column is posted weekly on Friday and it would be great if you all wanted to check it out. Due to my work on 411Games I expect that the bulk of my video game coverage will take place there.

In addition to starting work with 411Games I have just become a regular panelist on a new weekly podcast called All Things Good And Nerdy.  So far we are only one episode into the podcast but it’s been a lot of fun.  We are doing the podcast live and then putting the video stream on YouTube.  In addition to that we recently started the process of getting the podcast listed on iTunes.  All of the audio podcasts are online now too.  Look for another post detailing the podcast.

Needless to say, its been a busy couple of months.  But I think things are calming down now and I can start putting some time back into Nerds of the Round Table.  Thanks for sticking with me folks!


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