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Fanboy Analysis: Avengers vs X-Men Round 2

Yesterday we brought you the first round of teasers from the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men event from Marvel.  Along with all of those teaser images I presented my ‘expert’ fanboy analysis on who would win each match up.  Now I have three more matchups to give my analysis on.  But first a quick reminder, the current standings based on my analysis have the Avengers with a slim lead.

Avengers: 3

X-Men: 2

The first match-up for today is rematch from long ago.  This time we are pitting Ms. Marvel against the woman who stole her powers and memories, Rogue.  Rogue has worked to gain a better handle on her powers but since her first encounter with Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers has just become more powerful.  I think the increase in power and the anger over having her past stripped away give Ms. Marvel the edge in this match-up.  The only way Rogue pulls this off is if she makes skin contact with Ms. Marvel something that I’m sure Ms. Marvel will actively avoid.

Avengers: 4

X-Men: 2

The second match-up pits Luke Cage against Beast.  Beast is a longtime Avenger and in recent years Luke Cage has become a mainstay of Bendis’ Avengers.  Cage is near invincible and has enhanced strength.  Meanwhile Beast has a genius level intellect in addition to supreme agility and strength.  In a physical contest Luke Cage would probably come out on top.  However, I imagine Beast will use his mind to outwit Luke Cage in the end.  The win goes to Beast.

Avengers: 4

X-Men: 3

The final match-up sees Emma Frost, the White Queen, going toe-to-toe with the Incredible Hulk.  Hulk most definitely has the edge when it comes to pure strength.  However, how well would Emma’s telepathy work against Hulk?  Would she be able to sooth the savage beast?  Its possible, but the problem is in this picture Emma is in diamond form and as such cannot use her telepathy.  In a one-on-one fight where it is difficult to use telepathy I say Hulk smashes the White Queen.

Avengers: 5

X-Men: 3

So after day two of this individual match-ups the Avengers have extended their lead to be winning by two.  Will this trend continue?  Probably not, but it will be fun to see how these match-ups progress.  As more match-ups come up I will continue to provide my fanboy analysis.


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