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Did Thor Fight A Vampire?

Look, I’m not normally one to repeat tabloid articles, but if this is true its too funny to pass up.  Plus I also get to make fun of Twilight so this is a win-win situation for me.  Chris Hemsworth is starring in  Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame.  According to Robert Pattinson was on set visiting his Twilight co-star and reported girlfriend and got into a fight with Hemsworth.

NOW Magazine’s source says that while visiting the set of Snow White and the Huntsman, Pattinson “started mocking the Thor star’s Aussie accent,” and next thing, “They had to be pulled apart.”

Let me start by saying that if this is true Pattinson is an idiot.  Hemsworth is freaking built and would wipe the floor with him.  What’s going to be even funnier though is all the internet memes that could result from this.  Can you imagine some of the webcomics you might see making fun of this situation.  The comedy writes itself with Thor fighting the sparkly vampire from Twilight.  Its already starting just check out one of the modified screenshots in the comments on CBM.


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