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Target: The Avengers

Well as one crossover event wraps up in the Marvel Universe, its time to tease the next one.  Marvel recently released a fairly simple promo for an upcoming Avengers event that is slated to being in December.

From the looks of things The Avengers are being targeted by someone.  One of the interesting to things to note is that the target scope is not in its normal postion.  Normally, the scope form a cross shape instead it is X shaped in the promo picture.  What might that mean?  Well I have a conspiracy theory to advocate.

The mega event going on in the X-Men world is Schism.  In this event the X-Men are split between both Cyclops and Wolverine.  The two men split the X-Men over ideological differences.  Schism is wrapping up soon and with the X-Men split in two more radical actions could be taken by one side.

So here’s where the conspiracy theory comes in to play.  I think one side of the X-Men will will either feel threatened by the Avengers and be forced to attack/defend themselves or something will happen forcing the X-Men to retaliate against The Avengers.  I know it sounds like a rip-off of the Civil War Event from 2007 but its my conspiracy theory and I’m sticking to it.  Any other theories out there, please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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