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Season 4 of Castle is Looking Good

Is it really too much of a stretch to talk about a Nathan Fillion show on a nerdy web-site?  Personally, I think its not because after all Fillion is basically the Lord of the Nerds and has been featured in the ever prestigious The Man Series.

I doubt that I’ve mentioned it much on this site but I am a big fan of Fillion’s most recent show Castle.  Its a quirky mystery show that can be serious but most of the time is just a lot of fun.  It looks like season 4 will definitely be kicking into the realm of serious again.  After the potentially game changing season 3 finale season 4 opens dealing with the fallout.  Presumably Beckett will survive being shot but it could serve to shake things up.  ABC has released a short 30 second promo for the upcoming season, and its certainly enough to whet my appetite.  Is it time for the Fall TV season to start yet?


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