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Batman: Arkham City Batman Skins

I was a big fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum when it was released a couple of years ago.  It goes without saying that I’ve been becoming steadily more excited about the pending release of Batman: Arkham City.  The game is set to release on October 18 in the US and pre-orders are being accepted now.  I just put in my pre-order the other day.

It seems that many vendors are offering pre-order bonuses for games nowadays.  For example in the US Best Buy is giving folks who pre-order a code for Robin as DLC character in Batman: Arkham City.  To be honest, that’s why I pre-ordered from Best Buy; I wanted to have Robin as a playable character.  Other stores are providing DLC codes with pre-orders that allow for players to have unique skins that can be used within the game.

Until recently the custom skins for Arkham City had not been released.  But, our friends in the UK have gotten the scoop on the Batman skins available in the new game.  This also includes the specific stores and their exclusive game skin.

Pictured above are the unique in-game skins available in Batman: Arkham City.  From left to right we have costumes from: Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Earth One, 1970’s Neal Adams batman, Batman The Animated Series, and finally the costume from Arkham City.  If I had to choose one of those pre-order bonuses I’d be going with Batman Beyond.  But then again I am a huge fan of Batman Beyond.  Keep your eyes peeled to see which Batman costumes are unique to which stores in the US.  That hasn’t been announced yet!

I wouldn’t worry too much if you are interested in more than one of these costumes.  Since it is all DLC I’m sure they will make it available for download within a year.


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