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Who Is The New Ultimate Spider-Man?

As I’m sure you are all aware of Marvel killed off Peter Parker in the Ultimate Comics.  Shortly thereafter it was teased that a new Spider-Man would arise.  A Spider-Man that was not Peter Parker since he would be remaining dead.

The fallout over the death of Spider-Man has been taking place in the weekly mini-series Ultimate Fallout.  Right now the coverage is primarily on the funeral for Peter Parker and how some of the main characters of the ultimate universe are dealing with the fallout after Peter’s untimely demise.

There has been a good deal of speculation over who the next person will be to assume the mantle of Spider-Man.  Some people are theorizing that Spider-Man will be of a different race or even gender this time around.  One of the popular theories is that the Ultimate-verse Ben Reilly will be the new Spider-Man.  After all he does still have a vial of Peter’s blood.  I’m not going to guess… mostly because I think that I will end up being wrong.

I will be checking out Ultimate Fallout #4 when it comes out next week.  Marvel has issued a press release stating that this will be the first appearance of the new Spider-Man.  The promo art was released with a simple tagline:

‘Watch as history is made’

As for the Spider-Man costume, its not the same as the one teased on the cover of the upcoming new Spider-Man series, but it is a step in the right direction.  Many people are saying that this costume takes its inspiration from the costume in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie.  Aside from both costumes being belt-less I don’t see it.  The comic version of Spidey doesn’t look like a basketball.  As for the new ultimate costume I can handle it, though the knee pads and elbow pads look a little weird.


2 responses to “Who Is The New Ultimate Spider-Man?

  1. Tommy O. August 5, 2011 at 11:05 am

    You’re all missing the point. It isn’t that the new Spider-man is multiracial, it’s that you’ve taken an iconic character that people of a certain age are deeply connected to and Marvel has crassly, cynically killed him off. The solution to greater diversity in comic books isn’t killing off white characters, but creating new characters that have their own opportunity to flourish. I couldn’t stand Axel Alonso’s $hit-eating grin on CNN as he explained that the new Spider-man has to reflect the multiculturalism of the 21st century — do something original instead of destructive. The only thing keeping Marvel afloat is its classic characters used successfully in films and video games. Marvel (and D.C.) wrecked comics more than 20 years ago when they got greedy and made them unaffordable for kids to collect by flooding the market with endless titles at absurd prices.

    • Chris August 5, 2011 at 12:20 pm

      I don’t disagree. Look, I think its pretty dumb to see them kill off a classic character like Peter (even if it is in the Ultimate books) to replace him with someone of multi-ethnic background just to make news and gain brownie points for being culturally sensitive. It smacks of a PR move by Marvel. One of my biggest gripes is the fact that we have a new character no one has ever heard of that is taking over the mantle of Spider-Man. Spider-Man is Peter Parker, and for a brief time Ben Reilly, and that is the character.

      Someone else being Spider-Man is not Spider-Man. I have no problem with there being a kid with similar powers and a similar look. You are 100% right the kid should have been his own character instead of taking over for Peter.

      Now in all seriousness, do I see this change lasting? No, not at all. Marvel has said this will stick but they’ve said that before. An example of that was the unmasking in Civil War that was retconned, horribly, one year later. Wait until next year when the Spidey movie comes out and I bet Peter will be back again. Marvel already did it with Cap by killing off Bucky to put Steve Rogers back in costume when the Cap movie came out.

      Now what I hope they do is let Miles continue on as a character in the Marvel world and become his own hero, not a copy of Peter Parker.

      That’s my two cents at least. Thanks for dropping by!

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