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One Weekend Of Mario For One Year of Play

Mario Marathon 4 Is Under Way

They are back, again, for the fourth time.  A growing group of friends is going to play as many Mario game as humanly possible for your amusement…


For those of you not familiar with this group yet, these guys have web cams set up as well as a video feed in from their consoles so that we can watch them via uStream as they play through the levels of various Mario games new and old.  Why play Mario?  Because it is fun, that’s why.  Why share it?  The fun of video game is not to be kept to yourself.

Don’t think these guys are playing for no reason.  They have a very good reason to play: Child’s Play.  That’s right, the Penny Arcade charity.  Child’s Play supplies toys (including video games) to hospitals around the world.  As a charity, the gear their events and requests toward gamers.

If you have any question about how successful this event has become, go to the Child’s Play main page and scroll down to see the sponsors.  You won’t find them under Silver or even Gold sponsors, this event has reached Platinum Sponsor status.  Child’s Play even calls it out on their Events page.

So take a few minutes (or hours) to watch, listen, chat, and maybe even donate to keep them playing.

– Ferg

Occasional Blogger of Mediocre Recognition


2 responses to “One Weekend Of Mario For One Year of Play

  1. Chris June 24, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Are these the same guys that did the Zelda marathon?

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