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Will We Ever See a Deadpool Movie?

Ryan Reynolds was cast perfectly as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Or rather he was cast perfectly as Wade Wilson.  The Deadpool we saw in that movie was a craptastic mess.

The oft-rumored Deadpool spin-off movie has always been something I’ve been interested, especially since Ryan Reynolds is attached to the project.  Reynolds has the wit to play Deadpool perfectly, and he’s a fan.  However, its starting to look less likely we will ever see a comic accurate version of Deadpool on the big screen.

“Growing up, I read a bit of X-Men stuff and I loved Deadpool. You know, my brother introduced me to Deadpool and that was a character I loved, but beyond that I didn’t know that much about comics. Those are the ones I kind of stuck to.”

“Deadpool is a character that I love and I got a great opportunity to play him in more of ancillary sense in a film, which was great because it allowed me to jump in and play him, but then not be committed to too much beyond that. But I do have that film that’s in development still, so we’ll see what happens with that.”

The section marked out by bold text above gives me pause about the future of Deadpool.  Its starting to look as though this project might be in limbo hell.  In truth, that might be a good thing.  In order to make a movie that is truly faithful it would have to be rated a hard R with over the top violence and profanity.  Not only that but Deadpool’s quirkiness and breaking the 4th wall would probably confuse non fans who went to see the movie.  Fans would love the movie and non-fans would be confused.  With the oversaturation of comic book movies a Deadpool flick would probably not do well.  But I’m going to be selfish and keep hoping that one day Deadpool will be faithfully portrayed on the big screen.


One response to “Will We Ever See a Deadpool Movie?

  1. Cherlyn June 20, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    I think its possible to do a decent Deadpool movie – I dont think anything that was either a comic book, book or even video game every fully translates well into a film. The way we tell a story through those different mediums changes, and thus the fans have to expect change when it moves from medium to medium. However, it should still be faithful, and I fully agree, if a Deadpool movie is ever made (which is still probably more likely than an Arrested Developement movie), it should be Rated R. If it’s not I’ll be pretty pissed off lol.

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