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The Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing

The last Batman movie, The Dark Knight, became well known for making use of viral marketing to gain and keep fan interest in the movie.  It stands to reason they would do the same thing for the third Batman movie by Christopher Nolan.  Last week the viral marketing began and astute fans were able to find the first image of Bane.  This was found via a Twitter account entitled TheFireRises.

Recently a YouTube user has appeared with the same name and begun uploading videos that look to be from the new Batman movie.  I for one love the fact that the viral marketing campaign has already started.  Just imagine what they will do for Comic Con this year!  The YouTube videos are shown below, enjoy your first look at The Dark Knight Rises.  These videos seem to hint at another outbreak from Arkham.  Sound familiar from any of the comics?


One response to “The Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing

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