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The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster

Update: As some people might have noticed, this poster has been reported to be a fake.  Fused Film broke the story this poster was in fact a fake.  I think the first thing that should have clued me in is that Marvel Studios is referenced in this poster.  I did notice that to begin with but figured maybe Sony was allowing the Marvel Studios banner to be in place.  However, Sony Pictures is in charge of this movie and that enough is able to prove the poster is fake.

Original Story Begins Here

Sony released a new teaser poster for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man.  About all it really gives us is a release date.  Other than that the poster is pretty plain.  But, as a Spider-Man fan I’m excited more official news is coming out about the movie.  I still have my doubts about how good the reboot will be but I really do want to give it a chance.


2 responses to “The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster

  1. Tom Baker May 22, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    It didn’t tease or please me. It is a horrible poster and I don’t know why they even bothered. I’m hoping for a successful film too but like you I have my doubts.

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