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Marvel’s Ultimate Relaunch

Marvel’s Ultimate line of books were designed to bring in newer readers by basically restarting everything from scratch.  This was intended to make everything easily accessible to new readers.  Within the first few years of the Ultimate comics launch it gained the reputation that anything could happen.  To be honest I have enjoyed the Ultimate version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man more than the 616 version for the last few years.  But, that’s another a topic best saved for another time.

It came as kind of a shock a couple of years back when Marvel basically decided to kill off a good deal of characters in the Ultimate Universe with Ultimatum.   From that point many of the books relaunched from issue 1 and dealt with the fallout from the Ultimatum Wave.  The Spidey books were especially interesting to me at this time.  Needless to say, it came as a surprise when Marvel announced the Ultimate books were relaunching yet again at the conclusion of the Death of Spider-Man storyline.

Marvel has set the creative team for the relaunch of the Ultimate line, but I think the coolest part is they have chosen artist Kaare Andrews to draw the cover art for all the first issues of the relaunched books.  I’ve always enjoyed the style he presents so I was excited to see the artwork.  Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia provided the following in regards to the relaunch and the artwork:

“Kaare is doing the best work of his career with these covers. With Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn, all of the titles will be tighter than ever, so when it came time to think up ideas and concepts for the covers – we wanted a sense of unity to tie the books together. At the same time we wanted striking covers that jump out at you on the stands. Kaare’s bold design sense made him a natural choice.”

I have to agree, the covers do look fantastic, especially for the Hawkeye and Spidey books.  Ultimate Comics Ultimates #1 and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 both go on sale in August.  The remaining books, Spidey and X-Men, will be available later in the Fall.  I think we will be in for some surprises with these new books.  The first one I’ve noticed is that it appears the Human Torch is a member of the X-Men with Kitty Pryde and Ice Man.  I’m glad to see that friendship carried over from the Ultimate Spider-Man books, and hopefully its portrayed just as well in the new X-Men books.

I’ve very curious to see how the relaunch works out, and hopefully it works out well so that I can keep getting more cover art by Kaare Andrews.  The cover art is below so take a look, it’s quite good!


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