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First Look at Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

The folks over at Super Hero Hype have been all over this, so credit for this find goes completely to them.  It seems as though the viral marketing for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises has already started.  If you remember the viral marketing that was used to hype The Dark Knight set in place new ways to advertise a movie.  I’m very curious to see how they are able to use viral methods to hype the new movie.

Some posters over on the SHH boards have started digging into the official movie site for The Dark Knight Rises and they’ve found some very interesting details that were used to find the first image of Tom Hardy in costume as Bane.  If you’re interested in the methods used to find the image check out the SHH article.  I don’t want to steal their information on how they found it as they deserve all the credit for this find.

The best part is this seems to be an official, i.e. real, image of Bane that was purposely placed on the movie web-site.  As such, I have no problem presenting it on this site.  I have to admit, the image does seem to pull a lot of inspiration from the comics.  There could be a lot of interesting back story to describe how Bane’s spine became so scarred.  Its starting to look like scars are becoming the go to thing for a badguy in Nolan’s Bat movies.  If this is the look of Bane in the movie, I am happy.  Be sure to click on the image below for the super high res version.


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