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Marvel Comics Presents Spider-Island

Marvel has been trying to do large ‘epic’ events in many of the their comics lately.  This summer they continue that trend with a story entitled Spider-Island in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man.  The storyline sounds like it could be interesting, but I have my doubts.  According to Marvel, here’s what we have to look forward to during Spider-Island.

Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Island, the comic book event of the summer from the creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Kicking off this August in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #667 with a special prelude in #666, the citizens of Manhattan—including some of Spidey’s closest allies and deadliest foes—begin exhibiting the web-slinger’s very own powers! But as Spider-Man must stop a seemingly insurmountable super powered crime wave, he must also find out just who’s responsible for mutating Manhattan…and the truth will irrevocably alter his world. Fans will get their first full-length lead in to Spider-Island in Marvel’s special issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, available for free at all participating comic shops on May 7, Free Comic Book Day.

The prospect of both Spidey’s allies and enemies having his powers is fairly intriguing.  I wonder if they will have a spider sense too?  Since Peter lost his spider-sense it could lead to an interesting dynamic where the newly spider powered folks have a leg up on Peter as they can avoid his attacks.  It will make Peter have to rely more on his instinct and past experience to overcome the odds.

I really do hope this turns out being a good story arc but I have prepared myself to be disappointed.  I’ve made no secret of the fact that I haven’t enjoyed the Spidey books nearly as much as I have in the past.  A great deal of this is due to the fiasco that is One More Day/Brand New Day.  I haven’t really been happy with ASM since Brand New Day but I have stayed faithful and kept reading the Spidey books.  To be honest if this story goes badly it might be enough to make me rotate Spidey out of my must read list.  It really does pain me to say that as I have been a Spider-Man fan ever since I was a little kid.


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