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Epic Nerd Swag – Normandy SR2

If you’re a fan of the Mass Effect series you are bound to be familiar with Shepard’s ship the Normandy.  One of my favorite collectibles to obtain are scale models of SciFi ships.  I’ve got models/statues/toys of a variety of ships on top of my DVD/Blu-ray shelfs.  Some of those iconic vessels are the USS Enterprise A, USS Enterprise D, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Pegasus, and a variety of Viper starfighters.  Really they are just fun things to put out and add to the nerd decor of my home.

As a collector of ships I was incredibly excited to hear that Dark Horse is releasing a scale model of the SSV Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect.  The ship has always been pretty cool looking and I had always wanted a model of it.  One of the rumors circulating about Mass Effect 3 is that the ultimate collector’s edition would be packaged with a scale model of the Normandy.  I would have bought that version of the game in a heartbeat.

Now that Dark Horse has made a scale model of the Normandy I have already put in my pre-order.  The appearance of the ship itself is slight spoiler.  If you pay attention the Cerberus paint scheme is gone and has been replaced with the colors associated with the Earth Alliance.  The Normandy is available for preorder now and will run about 35 bucks.  For 35 dollars you get a 6 inch scale model of the ship from BioWare’s Mass Effect trilogy.  The ship, pictured below, is currently set to be released on October 26, so get your orders in while you can!


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