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Have The Avengers Halted Production?

Rumors are swirling around the internet that production on The Avengers has been halted due to the presumed Samuel L. Jackson script that has been leaked on the web.  Right now its just a rumor, but where there is smoke there tends to be fire.

The rumor circulating is that production on the mega-film has been halted for up to one-week while the compromised plot points are re-written in a new script.  If this rumor is true its a shame that a rogue act has derailed what could be one of the biggest comic book hero movies.

Normally I wouldn’t think that a leak of a few scenes would cause a re-write but this movie is intended to be a superhero mega event.  Disney/Marvel probably wants to have no leaks and keep themselves as reliable news source that gives out information on the movie.  Even if there is short halt in production it shouldn’t impact the May 4, 2012 release date.

Luckily, there are folks on the internet that have much better sources than I do.  Devin Faraci of Badass Digest was able to reach out to some contacts at Marvel/Disney.  According to Devin production is moving along:

Reports are spreading online that production on The Avengers has been halted after a copy of the script leaked online. I’ve talked to a couple of sources and neither of them can confirm this and believe that the production is trundling along just fine. That could change, I suppose, but the reality is that the cost of stopping a movie like this over a script leak is so prohibitive it seems unlikely. I’m still waiting for official word from Disney. UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Disney and this was the first the publicist had heard about it.

Hopefully the cast and crew of The Avengers is able to move forward with production, if there even is a delay, and no more leaks come out.  I would strongly suggest that people be wary about Avengers spoilers when reading articles on various blogs and web-sites.  I fully intend to not read any spoilers from this script leak nor report on them.


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