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Has The Avengers Script Leaked?

The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, started filming earlier this week and there’s already a threat of massive spoilers hitting the internet.  Marvel has done a pretty good job about limiting information about the movie.  Most of what was being reported was based on opinions or the little nuggets of information that had been provided by the actors.

However, this all might be changing.  Someone got their hands on a copy of the script written by Joss Whedon.  In fact it looks like they got Samuel L Jackson’s copy of the script.

Obsessed with Film announced they had been contacted by an anonymous source that was looking to sell  the 129 page script.  When the source was asked for proof that the script was legitimate they provided pictures including one page of dialogue between Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).  The page is also watermarked with Jackson on it providing further evidence this script just may in fact belong to Samuel L Jackson.  A sample page was provided as proof of authenticity.  I fully admit I skimmed it and have provided it below so readers can make their own decision as to whether the script is real.

If this anonymous source truly has a copy of the script this is a security leak on par with Sony’s recent PSN issues.  All joking aside this is one of those time where I am not a fan of the internet.  If this is real and the script gets released spoilers are going to be all over the web.  My intent is to remain mostly spoiler free on the Marvel movies and this might not be doable if The Avengers script has leaked.  I promise you all right now that if this script is legitimate and details come to light I will not be sharing them.  I want to remain spoiler-free (mostly) and I’m going to do so for readers of the site.

I have to admit I feel bad for whoever purchases this script too.  They might get a huge spike in traffic for a day or two but then the army of Disney lawyers will descend to protect their property, in this case the script from The Avengers.  With an army of Disney lawyers waiting to pounce I hope fellow bloggers and news sites practice some discretion and don’t buy this script.  Don’t put it on the internet for everyone to read either.  If either thing happens it’s just going to ruin the movie-going experience for The Avengers.

Fans have  been waiting years for a superhero team-up movie like The Avengers.  Hopefully it’s not screwed up for all the fans by leaking the plot the first week of filming.  If bloggers chose to ignore the fan opinion, at the very least have a sense of self-preservation to keep out of legal hell.  Disney is going to come down hard on whoever is selling the script and whoever posts it on their web-site.  Do the right thing don’t buy the script or post it online!


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