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A New Home for House?

I’ve never made it a secret on this blog that I’m a huge fan of House, and in fact have made arguments it could be included in the SciFi category, in a very loose roundabout way.  House’s contract is up at the conclusion of this season on Fox and I thought it was a forgone conclusion the show would get renewed.

House’s rating have dropped some, but its still fairly dominant on Monday nights which is why I’m so surprised negotiations are going poorly.  As of now, Fox has not secured the rights for season 8 of the hit medical drama and only has until April 15 to do so.  If Fox doesn’t pick up season 8 of the show then the owners of the show, NBC Universal, will shop the show to other networks.  I would be shocked if it wasn’t picked up by somebody.  Heck NBC could put it on their own network and have an already established hit show to build around.

NBC Universal has contracts in place with Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde for next season.  However, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps and Lisa Edelstein are unsigned for a new season.  Presumably these actors would want more money which would up the cost of the show.  Its fair to think that these actors not being under contract could delay a deal between Fox and NBC Universal.


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