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They Fixed the Wonder Woman Costume

It seems like the makers of the new Wonder Woman show were listening when the internet crapped all over their initial costume design.  Some pictures were take on-set that show the costume has been revamped.  In fact, it seems that have taken a lot of the internet criticism to heart.  Gone are the blue boots and the pleather blue pants.

I have to admit that the red boots make a huge difference.  The costume looks much closer to what you think of when Wonder Woman is brought up.  Getting rid of the plastic-looking blue pants also makes the costume look a lot less like a cheap Halloween costume.  It’s not a perfect change, but its a lot better than it was before.  The comparison picture is below for your viewing pleasure.

I’m still not a huge fan of the costume design, but I’m a comic-nerd on the internet, so that means I’ll never truly be satisfied.  It’s a step in the right direction and I do have to give credit to the Wonder Woman show-runners for listening to the collective blowup on the internet and changing the costume to better satisfy their potential viewers.  It’s nice to see the fans win one in this case!

Picture Credit: Entertainment Weekly


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