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The Cape is Finished

I tried really hard to like The Cape, I promise I did.  However I could never get into it as a good TV show.  That being said I’ve watched it every week because it’s so god-awful I can’t help but laugh.  It’s like an hour of unintentional comedy.

I had high hopes for The Cape when it started but it’s recurring unintentional campiness just killed the show.  It was certainly not even in the same ballpark as season 1 of Heroes.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that The Cape was cancelled, I think even a blind person could see that coming.  Bad jokes aside, I did at least expect NBC to finish its TV run before closing the door.  The folks over at TV Line have learned that The Cape’s series/season finale will air exclusively online at  Ouch… the show did bad enough they won’t even show the last episode.  That’s probably bad news for any fans of the show outside the US as NBC tends to block viewing to non US IP addresses.  But I’m sure the international crowd will have alternative ways to view the finale.

It’s a shame that another show starring Summer Glau has flopped.  I’ve generally enjoyed most of the shows she has been in starting with her guest starring role on Angel.  But if history has proven anything she will land on her feet and be involved in another SciFi show soon enough.  Fingers crossed at least.


2 responses to “The Cape is Finished

  1. Tom Baker March 4, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Perhaps Summer might choose a different genre in her next job. She might be typecasted (is that a real word), and not get much work later on. I’ve liked her work on the shows she has been on too. Is there another Firefly movie in the works?

    I too watched The Cape but mostly On Demand. I am sad to see it go only because there isn’t much SciFi on TV to like. I heard Harry’s Law and Chuck might be canceled as well. Any news Chris?

    • Chris March 4, 2011 at 10:53 am

      Chuck should be in good shape. In comparison to many of NBC’s other shows its ratings are awesome.

      As for Harry’s Law rating are supposedly solid. I haven’t been watching.

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