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Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is well known as a time for companies to show off their funny commercials.  This year was no different as there was a lot of funny stuff.  I’ve embedded a few of my favorites below.  To be honest my favorite is probably the Darth Vader and Volkswagen one.  I probably linked to too many ads but I had a lot of fun with both the game and the commercials that were shown.  Wow, I love the Super Bowl.

House M.D.: I have to admit that I really enjoyed this commercial.  But in all fairness I am also a big fan of House.  I thought it was well done how they emulated the classic Mean Joe Greene commercial.  Plus its in character for House.

Volkswagen Passat Commercial: I loved this commerical, but as a Star Wars fan I am expected to.  I think the best comment I heard about this one is that this is how The Phantom Menace should have gone!

Doritos: Doritos had alot of commericals but this was my favorite.  Both creepy and funny.

Doritos – Pug Attack: I just couldn’t help but laugh.  Thats two good commercials for Doritos.

Bud Light Product Placement: Every year the beer commercials are great and that was no different this year.  At least this commercial is more straight-forward on their product placement than any of the Transformers movies.

Teleflora – Help Me Faith: This was funny to me because I could see myself writing the same thing on a card for flowers.  Well either myself or one of my friends.  Back in my college days this very well could have happened.

NFL Best Fans Ever: I love seeing classic TV shows mixed up a little bit to show support for NFL teams.  It was well done, and fun.

Pepsi Max Torpedo Cooler: I want one!

Pepsi Max – Love Hurts: Another great one from Pepsi.  They seem to do a good job each year.

Bud Light – Remodeling: Again another good commercial by the beer company.  This is my plan for remodeling my house.  Just add Bud Light and you’re done!


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