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Conan O’Brien as The Flaming C

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know that I’m a Conan O’Brien show and that I have of course been watching his new show Conan on TBS.  Really, I think Conan is hitting his stride again and putting out quality shows on a weekly basis.  A couple of months back there was a segment on the show where Conan worked with legendary DC Animator Bruce Timm to develop a super hero modeled after Conan.  The superhero became known as The Flaming C.

As you can see Conan’s superhero persona is just like the talk show host, its… unique.  The Flaming C’s powerset includes flight, the ability to make opponents slightly warm and blinding fashion sense.  Personally I thought this was a one and done gag, but The Flaming C made his return with the debut of Young Justice.  To cross promote the new cartoon series this exclusive clip was shown on Conan.

If you’ve seen Young Justice, you might recognize this scene from the end of the 2nd episode.  The Flaming C has been edited in to replace Superman as the leader of the Justice League.  So congrats to Conan O’Brien for assuming his role as the leader of the Justice League.  In all seriousness, this is a brilliant way to cross-promote Conan’s show and the upcoming Young Justice.  To be honest I was laughing so hard at this scene that my sides hurt.  Clips like this are the reason I love watching Conan.


One response to “Conan O’Brien as The Flaming C

  1. Alison February 1, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    I am so happy that Conan came back with this new show! I love Conan since his very beginning! He’s hilarious in everything he does. My favorite part of him is his hair and his dancing! With my HD equip and programming from working and subscribing with DISH Network I get the best HD quality out there, and get to see Conan in all his beauty every night! YAY!

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