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More Spider-Man Costume Pics

Both MTV and Perez Hilton have gotten additional shots of the Spider-Man costume in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot.  And to be honest, they really aren’t doing much to increase my confidence.  But in the interest of being fair the pictures of the Spidey costume are of the stuntman, meaning it’s not a 100% polished suit like you will see on Andrew Garfield.

I’ll start off with the pictures from MTV and some opinions of my own.  And as always, click on the picture for a larger view.

This is the first good shot we’ve seen of the costume since Sony released the original promo pics last week.  That picture was a front shot and now we can see a profile shot of the costume.  I can live with the red and presumably webbing patter connecting the shoulders to the arms, it’s fairly faithful to the comic version of the suit.  However, the red webbing connecting to the boots just seems odd to me.  Maybe it will grow on me… but I’m not too sure on that one.  I’m not going to bitch too much about the silver on the boots as I think that is an addition to the stuntman’s costume to help him have traction.

This is the first look at Spider-Man’s mask in the upcoming movie.  Keeping with the costume, the webbing pattern seems fairly subdued, which as I’ve said before I’m not a big fan of.  There is a fairly noticeable seam on the mask, but I’d wager that will be different on the final version.  I also think the red eyes won’t exist in the final version of the suit.  In this picture I would wager it’s either a trick of the light or done specifically for a stunt purpose.

This is the first good look we’ve gotten of Spidey’s mechanical webshooters in the movie.  The external webshooter reminds me a good deal of Ben Reilly’s (i.e. the clone) costume.  The same thing goes for the gloves only having a web-pattern over a portion of them.  The webshooter looks a little big, but I can live with that.  One of my biggest issues with the Raimi movies was the lack of webshooters, so I’m happy to see them in the reboot.

The second set of pictures were on Perez Hilton’s web-site.  This is the first, and presumably last, that I will be referencing his site.  Believe you me I was surprised to do so.  Reports from the set state that Marc Webb is trying to keep the costume a secret, so the stuntman was wearing a trench-coat when not performing.

This is a much better look at the webshooters.  They still look bulky but overall I like it.  Spidey’s boots still have silver portions but like I said earlier I think thats a concession to help the stuntman be able to perform his stunts.  The nice thing is that Spidey’s eyes are not red but seem to be silver or grey.  These pictures don’t add too much to the original pictures from MTV but they seem to be of better quality.

Overall the new costume seems like it has been changed just for the sake of change and as a way to differentiate the Marc Webb reboot from the Sam Raimi trilogy of movies.  Personally I wouldn’t greatly change such an iconic costume just to make it look different.  Spidey has basically worn the same costume since his creation.  He has had alternate suits and always come back the traditional red and blue.  Maybe that is why I am so attached to the classic Spider-Man costume from the comics.


2 responses to “More Spider-Man Costume Pics

  1. briantudor January 27, 2011 at 12:08 am

    The only thing I like so far is the mechanical web shooters… I’m wondering if the spidey-suit will have a CGI layer?

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