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Fantastic Four Becomes Three

So Marvel has hyped Fantastic Four #587 as the issue where one member of the Fantastic Four will be killed.  This issue is set to hit stand on January 26th so I figured I would mention the story now.

The last issue of FF left it open for any of the big four characters to be taken out.  Ben and Johnny were left surrounded by Negative Zone bugs, Sue Storm was under the ocean with Namor, and Reed was facing off with Galactus.  Needless to say each member of the team is facing their possible demise.  In issue 587 one of  members of Marvel’s First Family will be killed off.  As for who, at this point I’m not sure anyone knows for sure.  Marvel has been playing this one close to the chest.  When issue 587 comes out it will be in a black polybag to prevent anyone from being spoiled.  The series will wrap up with issue 588 and then the book will be relaunched and called FF in March.

I do have my own theory regarding who is going to die.  I would bet that the death of the Human Torch would not shock anyone and this event has been billed as a shocking loss.  So for that reason I would theorize that Johnny will live.  We know for a fact that Ben Grimm will survive as he has been featured in promo art for Marvel’s Fear Itself event that kicks off soon.    So that leaves Mr. and Mrs. Richards as the most likely character to die.  Now here I’m making a wild guess but I’m theorizing that Reed Richards will be the character to die.  The only reason is because of the cover of the relaunched FF book.  There are 3 hexagons shown one of which appears to be empty, or invisible.  For that reason I’m assuming that Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, will survive and be left a widow.

The death of Reed would be felt across the entire Marvel Universe.  Reed was one of the members of the Illuminati and responsible for shaping many of the events of the universe.  In addition to that he is one the biggest brains in the Marvel U.  Reed’s mind has been leveraged many times to save the day, and without him someone new will have to step into the spotlight.  My money is on Reed, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.


2 responses to “Fantastic Four Becomes Three

  1. Tom Baker January 18, 2011 at 9:34 am

    I love superheroes and the movies that come from them but I have to publicly admit I don’t read or follow comic books like I once did. I had no idea this was in the works. For the reasons you brought out, I think it might be Reed too. Thanks for informing me!

    • Chris January 18, 2011 at 7:38 pm

      I stopped following comics for a while, then my friend bought a comic book store and I had easy access to comics again. But I haven’t been following FF very much. This might bring me back in again.

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