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Caprica Finale Tonight

Well folks, we’ve known its coming for a while but tonight Syfy is going to finish airing the new episodes of Caprica.  These shows have already aired in Canada on the Space Channel.  I believe that the show is already out on DVD as well but I need to confirm that.

I did a pretty good job avoiding spoilers on these final episodes until yesterday.  I wasn’t paying attention and missed a spoiler tag in an article I was reading.  Luckily, the spoilers I inadvertently read have just got me more excited about tonights 5 episode marathon.  As much as I loathe supporting the current  Syfy channel tune in tonight starting at 6:00 PM EST and see how everything ends on Caprica.  Hopefully they are able to wrap up a lot of the plot, but I’m guessing there will be things left unresolved.  Or I guess you could buy the DVDs, but personally I’m cheap so I’ll watch them on TV.

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