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Happy New Year Nerdverse!

Hey guys, its Jessica from One Nerdy Cupcake. Got a couple of updates from my side of the ‘verse for you!

First off, I’m still stuck in Epic Mickey. I’m finally past the Colosseum and  I actually made it past Mickeyjunk Mountain all on my own! I’m currently teamed up (sort of) with Oswald to fix the paint thinner problem. What I have realized through this whole game? Man, Mickey is a dick! He doesn’t remember anybody and is pretty full of himself!

Secondly, outside of Green Lantern in my comic life, I’ve picked up reading the older Neil Gaiman Sandman series. I know that I’m late to the game with that, but they are absolutely gorgeous and I’m completely loving the story. I’m hoping my job situation changes soon so I can read them outside of sitting inside of Barnes and Noble getting weird looks from people as I sip water and sit for hours on end.

Thirdly, I am retarded for Invader Zim. Have been since it came out in 2001. (Oh wow, we just hit the 10 year mark. I’m old!) A few months ago, creator Jhonen Vasquez finally put to rest all of the rumors of the reboot of one of the greatest cancelled cartoons here. Honestly, he said everything, but I wanted to share with you because  don’t know if it was ever said.

I will hopefully have more little updates soon, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and I will see you soon!


One response to “Happy New Year Nerdverse!

  1. Chris January 4, 2011 at 8:39 am

    I’m still jealous you’re playing Epic Mickey. I’m kicking myself for getting rid of my Wii right now.

    As for Sandman, I’ve heard its really good. I’ll have to add it to my list of things to get caught up on.

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